Hobby Lobby Haul Part 2 and New Stamping Hobby!

Here is part 2 of my Hobby Lobby haul as promised and I am super excited to share it with you guys! πŸ˜ƒ So exciting!!


Let’s dig into the other half of my customized starter kit for my new stamping hobby that I am super lucky to have such a supporting husband to help me with! I did forget to get one item in the photo but I will still go over it in a bit.


So remember how yesterday I got the “Homemade Just For You By” stamp? Well I thought…okay I have a stamp to sign my creations with but what stamps do I have to stamp with?? Sooo he got me these others to go with my collection! I love the tag stamp so I can create adorable tags for gifts with it too! The family stamps was affordable at $3.99 and I know I’ll use it often for cards I make for family as well as gifts. I also wanted a cute heart stamp and a snowflake since I am obsessed with Christmas!!


Next my exchange for proper ink pads I got this black Pigment Ink Pad by Stampabilities. Pigment inks dry somewhat slower, from what I read online, but last long and are generally good for all stamp types, and can be used on ribbon, and fabric as well. Stamping a huge ribbon sounds like fun, and something I’ll probably try out. It’s acid free and non toxic and suggests using heat to help dry the ink faster.


For fun color stamping I also picked out this fun color wheel of shades, that has removable “petals”. The reason I exchanged my ink pads was the other ones had a sunken in pad while these the sponge part sticks out of the container so I can ink the pad onto the stamp rather than the other way around (traditional rubber stamping method). If you google Stephanie Barnard you tube videos you’ll see her stamping technique she recommends and it might make a little more sense but hopefully I explained it alright! πŸ™‚ This was the priciest item at $15.99 so we used one of the 40% offs on this. It is a high quality pigment ink and I love all the colors it comes with!


An employee recommended this spray stamp cleaner as a ink pad spray to re-moisten and brink back to life old ink if it starts drying. It’s bubble gum scented!


I forgot to photograph these Brush Markers with the other goodies, that come in a fun range of colors and make water color brush like strokes on to paper. This was $6.99, 40% off, the second highest priced item. Talk about an awesome deal, right!? It might take me a little to get used to these but I love art and am really excited to try these out with my new stamps!


Last but not least are these Precision Scissors from The Paper Studio that have no stick blades to make cutting small details out with ease.


This was so much fun shopping and picking out items to get my hobby started and feel like I have enough items to start making my own crafty cards. I will post upcoming photos of projects as I get better, my first ones might not be too good but if they come out decently I will share them lol. πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for reading and if any of you are stampers already I would love any tips or advice you can share!

**UPDATE** The information the employee at Hobby Lobby gave me regarding using stamp cleaner spray to moisten ink pads was incorrect and messed up my ink pads so I had to exchange them. Stick to the refill ink bottles or buy a new ink pad when needed.

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