Hobby Lobby Haul and New Stamping Hobby Part 1!

As the post title announces, I have taken up a new hobby…stamping! I recently discovered this club and monthly subscription called The Stamps Of Life that is $11.99 shipped a month. I signed up for it and received the November stamps which is in a separate post but that is what triggered my new hobby. There is so much to learn and collect that I am working on my collection with the help of my wonderful supporting husband. He took me to our local Hobby Lobby which was relocated to a bigger and even better (I didn’t think they could get any better than they already are) store! Upon stepping into the new store we were in awe at how much Christmas stuff there was to begin with, there were also tons of Christmas trees on display which brought such joy to my heart to see. 🙂 We will soon be setting up our mini Christmas tree and got a mini tree topper for it that I’ll talk about in a bit. Due to the haul from Hobby Lobby being fairly big I broke it into two blog posts.

The types of stamps I have started collecting are clear stamps that are stored in a clear sheet and have adhesive backs. They stick onto an acrylic block so you can store them easily and see where you are stamping through the clear holder. It is entirely new to me, since when my mom was into stamping there were only rubber stamps which I had only known before. So to jump into my haul for my new hobby here was haul #1.

My husband, in a sense let me pick out all the supplies, tools, etc that I would want or need for my own customized starter kit to get me on my feet and stamping! Plus we both had a 40% off coupon to use on the highest priced item, from the website, that can be used on every trip! I can’t stress enough how much I love Hobby Lobby! Simply google coupon for Hobby Lobby and their current 40% off coupon can be shown from your mobile phone. Don’t you just love technology?

For this trip I chose a container of flowers for card making, my primary reason I want to start stamping. It was also the most expensive item at $12.99 so we got this at 40% off.


Next is this card stock pattern paper with crease in the middle, ready for card making, the second highest priced item $5.99 also 40% off. It has a fun bright range of colors and patterns like polka dots, chevron, and stripes.


Next is this large approximately 1/4″ thick foam sheet in black, which is (according to Stephanie Barnard from The Stamps of Life Club) the secret key to a perfect stamp every time. Priced at $1, it’s also very affordable, and if you used the 40% off coupon…ridiculously cheap! Also pictured are ink pads but turns out they were the wrong kind so I exchanged them the day after, which will be in my post tomorrow and other half of my haul. An exchange turned into a haul, yes, and my husband was very kind and supportive about it which means the world to me.


Next my first stamp ladies and gentlemen!! Drumroll…a cute “Homemade Just For You By” stamp 😃 to stamp all my creations.


This is my first and only acrylic mounting block, it was only $3.99 at Hobby Lobby and has a grid to help line up the stamp properly and with ease for beginners like myself! It’s a 3×3 grid block. There are smaller, larger and longer sizes online and in store that I will eventually add to my collection as I get more experience.


With Christmas being a favorite holiday of mine of course I had to get something Christmas-y, and to top it off all Christmas items were on sale for 50% off!! I grabbed these adorable snowflake envelope seals and bright textured card stock sheets. There are 75 sheets, 25 colors and are small for stamps and cutouts measuring 3.875×3.875″.


Some Christmas gift trim (50% off!!) to add lovely bows to my cards! 😃


Last Christmas item for this haul, a adorable mini tree topper for our mini tree and it comes with a couple miniature ornaments!! They’re too cute!!


Another tip from Stephanie Barnard is to use baby wipes to clean stamps and blocks after each use since they’re very affordable and easy to use! My hubby was kind enough to pick this up on his way home after work.


That completes todays haul, stay tuned for today’s continuation post of the other half! After all my customized stamping starter kit isn’t quite finished yet! 😉


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