My Cotton Bunny October 2013 Falling Leaves Bundle Plus Exciting Announcement!

As per usual I receive my My Cotton Bunny monthly box at the beginning of the next month because of how billing is set up when I signed up at a later date in the month causing me to always be a month behind on the current theme. However I had contacted them through Facebook after getting no help via email support and was immediately given aid in this matter. They had me cancel and sign up, crediting me the different from the new $16 subscription price to my original promised $13.75 price and still have me listed as an original subscriber. This fixed my billing date in the system to schedule me for the current month’s box so I will shortly have the November box shipped out to me as well, so that is pretty exciting news!


October’s theme was the Falling Leaves Bundle and has a brief short post on their blog from their website. Normally their posts provide a little more information but maybe they were busy planning for November! Anywho, here is the first look upon opening the box.


I love the beanies and warm cozy items they ship in their box, like the pink plaid scarf I got last year from them! 🙂 They make me happy lol. This beanie makes me super happy, it’s striped with baby pink, periwinkle, rose pink, fuchsia, salmon pink. Has lovely flowers with generous sized buttons in the middle, and a fun fluffy pompom at the top to get me ready for my first winter in snowy weather Nebraska! To add to the adorably knit hat/beanie there are two hanging twisted ropes with loose yarn at the ends. This is going to be my favorite go to beanie this winter! The inside feels like soft fleece.


Time for the next fun part, the treats! I love how they often include two like this Chocolate Treat by Brownies & Brownies and Caramel Sipping Chocolate by Bellagio.


The brownie flavor is Peanut Butter, and is baked in small batches with all natural and organic ingredients. Described as chewy milk chocolate brownies. I have actually been craving brownies so this couldn’t have come at a better time!


The Caramel Sipping Chocolate is a European style sipping chocolate with a hint of caramel. Sounds like a luxuriously decadent drink! It’s meant to be mixed with hot milk, I am lactose intolerant so I’ll use our rice milk we always have handy.


The bonus for completing the previous month’s challenge or doing a blog review is a woven bracelet. I received pink probably because it’s my preferred color on my profile that they recently created for us! I love that it’s adjustable to fit even my tiny 6.25″ wrist!


This month’s challenge is to take a photo of our new hat and post it on Instagram tagging @mycottonbunny and using #autumn #girl. Thank you so much for reading, and as the weather continues to get colder I hope you’re having fun bringing out all your scarves and warm attire! I love scarf weather!

I decided to try the chocolatey delicious drink with some Haagen Das Caramel Salted Chocolate ice cream cream topped with fudge to eat with my brownie. So much sweet joy going on right now!


Saving the exciting announcement for last, I am My Cotton Bunny’s first featured blogger! They are going to start featuring an original MCB member each month and wanted to start with me so I was super excited ad flattered. Here is a link to my feature page! I will post a separate post after this with it copied and pasted to make it easier for some of you.

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