Julep November 2013 Maven IT Girl Stash

I decided to redeem my points for a free box since I liked the polishes they offered in the IT girl category. I was tempted with the lip gloss and lip primer/plumper they offered in other box profiles but there are chemical ingredients in them which doesn’t live up to their chemical free nail polish standards so I passed on my normal Boho Glam suggestions.


Looks like the surprise item is a sample of their Luxe Repair Skin Serum they are introducing. I am not a fan of their cosmetics because they do have chemicals and are not safe for my sensitive skin so I will gift this to a friend who can enjoy this!


I did order an add on polish, Cynthia a gorgeous sand colored micro glitter.


I love their new packaging for their nail polishes, this is how they now arrive. It is nice if you purchase this for a gift.


Inside each polish is also individually boxed. Since I got all polishes only, the way I prefer it, I received Lola a satin finish dark blue (looks matte), Chloe a shimmering cocoa, and Winter a lovely grey white creme polish.


Each of their polishes also come with a Swatch Me sticker on the lid. Also I recently discovered that the top rectangle lid is removable as a cap so you can easily swatch your polish! Brilliant! I wish I knew sooner, before I used to peel the sticker off and swatch then re-stick leaving it slightly messy looking lol. I hope this helped any of you who also didn’t know this 😃.



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