Hammock Pack Apple Picking October 2013

The theme for Hammock Pack for October is Apple Picking.


The insert reads: “October means the air is crisp, the leaves are changing color, and the apples are perfect for picking. Autumn is our favorite time of year and what better way to celebrate the season than with a trip to the orchard. Pumpkins and apples are fall essentials and we’ve got some great October harvest-inspired products to fend off winter a little longer. After your visit to the pumpkin patch, we hope you’re excited for next month’s doorstep getaway.” I always enjoy the insert descriptions and theme message. They seem so sincere and since they have such great customer service it also adds to the sincerity of their packages.



What I really like about Hammock Pack, is their products are usually handmade from small businesses and I discover new brands and/or items I like. Their treats they occasionally include are also handmade, unique, and usually something I wouldn’t normally know about or try and I enjoy getting to try snacks outside my normal. Not just that but they tend to have organic, vegan products almost always with safe ingredients that I’m able to use and try out with my super sensitive skin. I’ve always had a special spot for my Hammock Pack since I signed up last year!

I was actually pretty happy to get this Apple Hand Soap from Soap Box made in Alexandria, VA. “Perfect for autumn, this apple-scented hand soap is not only 100% natural, but it’s vegan as well. The folks at Soap Box are working hard to improve the world with something as simple as soap. With every soap purchased, they make a donation of soap, fresh water, or vitamins to a child in need.”


This soap is clear, and smells lovely of fresh crisp tart apples without being overpowering and has a nice lather. My skin didn’t feel incredibly dry after washing with this too! This is $6.99 on their website.

Next is a cute box of Pumpkin Spice Pretzels from Fatty Sundays in Brooklyn, NY. “Hand-dipped in Brooklyn, these chocolate-covered pretzels come in so many delicious flavors. Their pumpkin spice pretzel is the perfect fall treat.” The graham cracker crumbs that the pretzels and chocolate are coated in is a bit overwhelming at first bite. My husband made a funny face at first bite but once you get over the initial dry powdery shock you start to taste the pumpkin pie flavors blend together and it is alright. I can’t say it’s a favorite but it was nice to try out.

These are $6.95 on their website.

I have been wanting to try out a soy candle since lately I’ve found myself coughing and choking when I breathe in my office while having a regular candle burning from Bath & Body Works. I believe it is from the smoke off the wick, so hopefully this will help with that. Wax warmers are a nice alternative to breathing in smoke too. This Soy Candle is from The Flying Farm in Taylors, SC. The light spice in the fall candle is very comforting when it’s cold outside (everyday nowadays!) and I’m in my comfy clothes at home!

“Fill your home with the scent of pumpkin and spice with this natural soy candle. Hand poured in reusable tins, these make perfect gifts or favors.” This sells for $10.50 on their website.

I’ve received a cupcake lip balm from Bungalow Bath & Body before in a box sub and enjoyed it, so I was interested to try this Apple Caramel Crunch Whipped Sugar Scrub from them, also made in Cheyenne, WY. “Not only does this whipped soap smell like delicious apples and caramel, but it also leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.” This has very fine granules for the scrub part, and the apple caramel scents in it is delicious smelling, which deceivingly smells edible! Retails for $4.25 on their website.


I’m not so sure about this Apple Pie bar from Larabar made in Denver, CO. Hopefully it tastes good. “With half a cup of fruit and 5 grams of fiber, these apple pie bars not only taste like the real thing, but they’re a delicious addition to your diet.” The flavor sounds delicious but I’m not normally an apple pie type person unless it’s got lots of sugar on top lol. This is $25.45 for 16 count on their website, so the value for this one is $1.59.


The total value for this box is $30.28, and the box price is $25 plus $5 shipping so in a sense I broke even. I do like when the boxes send a higher value of products than what I pay for all my box subscriptions. Like how PopSugar Must Have promises at least $100 value for the $35 price I pay. I will ride it out and see how next months box value is, I did enjoy the products in the box. I would say the least liked ones for me is the Larabar and Pumpkin Spice Pretzels. My favorites being the soy candle, sugar scrub, and hand soap. Have any of you tried these products or this subscription out? I’d love to hear your opinions and thoughts as well! 🙂


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