DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume and Mani

I procrastinated and didn’t plan a costume for handing out candy with my husband so I improvised with what I had. I did go with him two days ago to the Halloween Spirits store here and got a mouse ears headband for $5.99.


Added a pink bow…


Had a little fun with Bubba, I couldn’t help myself!


Some small paper polka dots for a nice Minnie look!


For starters I did my mani two days in advance so I could spend the day before working on my costume. For my mani I used Julep Delaunay for a nice bright red like Minnie wears.


Next I cut a bunch of polka dots and used 4 sheets worth of paper for my top and skirt. Here is the black top with polka dots down to the waist, up to where the skirt will go.


Next is the bright red skirt I have turned into a Minnie Mouse skirt.


I even added a black and cream white striped bow hair clip to the waist area in the front of the skirt like a belt since the mid waist doesn’t have polka dots.


I also have this white doily style lace skirt that I’ve never worn out but love dearly. Designed and made by my best friend and her clothing line by Magdalena. The red skirt is also made by her!


This skirt will go under the red one to show a bit of lace and add some fluffiness to the skirt. I noticed in Minnie mouses photos online her white lace shows under her skirt! So I’ll fold the red skirt enough to show.


I’ll also wear black leggings underneath since I don’t have any tights or stockings. Can’t wait to post photos of this on later today! I also haven’t decided if I’ll wear these pink polka dot socks with my outfit. We shall see! 😃



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