Halloween Manicure & Missing Fizzy Hello Kitty Polish!

Remember the Fizzy Hello Kitty polish I was missing from my nail mail collection from V that I blogged about? Well it arrived!! It is beautiful!

The box is even adorable lol probably because I’m obsessed with Hello Kitty!

I haven’t tried it yet but will post a photo when I do. I am currently still using the Nail Tek II to try to strengthen and grow my nails out. They’re growing much better so far and don’t break too often!

This is long for me, and I’m trying to grow them a little longer. Wish me luck! I’m on week two of wearing the Nail Tek. You apply it twice a day, it’s like a clear polish, dries very quickly and is supposed to help nails that peel or break easily.

I bought mine from Amazon.com but they also sell it at Sally’s Beauty Supply store if you have one locally.

So for my Halloween inspired mani I used a combination of Indie polishes and had fun creating multi nail looks.

I apologize for the blurry photo I took it towards the end of my mani and right before taking it off.

This was a short post but I hope you enjoyed it! 😃 Got any fun Halloween mani ideas to share? I’d love to hear them!


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