Nail Mail From S!

Nail mail from my very first nail mail buddy that I’ve become good friends with who I’ll call S! πŸ˜ƒ I can tell she put a lot of thought into my package, and love all the Hello Kitty stickers she decorated my package with! She truly is a blessing to me!

I love how you can see how much thought she puts into everything, even down to wrapping each item!


So exciting! I was having a rough week and this was a really great pick me up.


These were some of the polishes I received, I actually love them all. She has a good idea of my interests in colors.


Ironically I had been browsing these Dippin’ Dots scented nail polishes recently with my hubby but had decided to be good and not waste the money and turns out she was reading my mind!


We also enjoy sending each other items outside of the nail polish area to make it fun and have a good variety of items. She included some great lotions and a cute Hello Kitty hand sanitizer!


She sent me another Pez dispenser but a cute Halloween ghost one!! I love it lol it’s on my office desk to get me ready for Halloween!


Anyone who paints their nails can always use q-tips for clean up so I was glad to get these extras and it comes in a neat container! Some square cotton pads also that are attached and perforated so I can choose the square size which is new to me and I love the concept!


Every time I opened each pink tissue wrapped item I was just smiling ear to ear and thinking what a great, thoughtful friend I’ve made and how much fun it is spoiling each other and brightening the other’s month! I can’t wait to start shopping for Christmas, my favorite month!



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