Moody Sisters Limited Edition Vanilla Chai Gift Set!

Moody Sisters recently created and are selling a limited edition Vanilla Chai Gift Set that comes with a 2 oz of their incredible top seller Dry Skin Cream, matching scent lip balm, and 2 bath fizzy bombs! At it is listed for $19.75, and I am absolutely in love with this scent. It smells like a delicious spicy Vanilla Chai latte, yum!!!


To review this gift set that I purchased, I want to first note that it comes with a lovely gift ready white organza bag and a blank gift tag with a snowflake shape stamped out! I also like their newer business cards they included.


Now to review the main reason I bought this set, the Vanilla Chai Dry Skin Cream. I had received a sample of it with my last order to try out on my super dry lips that I had asked them about if it was safe, which it is. It leaves a nice minty fresh sensation on your lips that you don’t feel as much when applying to hands, probably because our lips are much more sensitive. A little goes a long way with this cream too, so even the small sample size has been lasting me a very long time. It is a thick cream that absorbs within a few minutes and does not leave skin greasy at all once completely soaked in. It also is addicting, as a warning, so you might find yourself applying more often than needed like I do!

You can see tiny brown specks that look like possibly vanilla bean or one of the other organic ingredients. I love the packaging too, it is adorable! I have a quick story about how it healed my hands, and the reason I purchased this. I recently started getting cracked, extremely dry skin at the top of my wrists and it was starting to get painful if I moved my wrists too far and cracked them. I’ve never had this problem before but have been having a ton of new skin problems since moving to Nebraska, and can’t wait to finally be back in California and get things back to normal. I applied the dry skin cream to it every few hours, and most importantly after showering or washing hands. With the small container it was easy to carry in my pocket or purse if I left the house too, and once it’s out I’ll refill it by hand from my full size container. Literally, within about a week and a half to two weeks my skin started feeling like skin again with a little bit of dry texture remaining. This was after having tried several different lotions on it and not getting any results. So once I saw results I had to own the bigger size and jumped on the limited edition scent. They only made a small batch of these, 50 I believe and once they’re gone they’re gone!

Next in the set is the Vanilla Chai lip balm, I already love their lip balms so I knew I’d love this organic addicting tube. The scent is a lot milder in the lip balm and I find it hard to detect but I mildly can smell the vanilla, I do wish the scent was a little bit stronger so it would be noticeable.


Last but not least, is the set of Vanilla Chai bath fizzy bombs, they come shaped in two halves that when wrapped together make a whole fizzy bomb if needed for a bath. They recommend using both as a whole bath bomb for a bath and using one half round for a foot soak in a large bowl of water. I’ve tried this as a foot soak before and it can get a bit oily residue on whatever you soak in, so I use a cleaned plastic storage container and clean after each use since it’s big enough for both feet to soak. If you use this in your tub it might leave a ring of residue which isn’t always fun to clean up but if this doesn’t bother you, by all means enjoy your bath soak! 🙂 I am a bit picky about this so I stick to the foot soak version. The scent is lovely, and after you dry off it will feel as if you applied a body oil but let it absorb into your skin and it should leave you with soft skin. I found I still needed to moisturize after because my skin did get dry even after soaking, but I tend to have dry skin so results may vary.

It comes with a cute tag with instructions, ready for a gift!

Overall, great set, great price because this container will last a very long time with how little is needed to moisturize. I am a fan! I’d love to hear if any of you check this set out and what you think of it!


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