Escape Monthly Hawaii October 2013

“A luxury tour of Hawaii The Big Island.” This month’s escape I specifically signed up for this Hawaii getaway box because, well I miss all my family in Hawaii and figure I’ll love everything in it because it’ll make me feel closer to family! I had a 30% off a one box code (FALLSPECIAL), or 20% off for life (TROPICALESCAPE), but chose the first and plan on canceling for now since the price is a bit too high for me.

The monthly box price is $49.95/month with free shipping, for luxury full sized products, travel guides, special offers, and one subscriber will win a vacation to the designated getaway spot with a ticket in their box! The travel guides, unless you plan on traveling to every location featured in the box is somewhat pointless, I will use the Hawaii one when I go to Hawaii but at the same time all my family would be happily willing to tell me about all the local spots I should check out.

Here is the colorful brochure about Hawaii…

as well as the products in the box…

The inside front reads “Escape to Hawaii! Hawaii is one of the most beautiful tropical paradises in the world. With fresh floral air, warm waters, and incredible spectacles of natural beauty, each island is home to unique cultural practices and heritage. This month we’re bringing the sandy shores right to your door. Dip your toes in the warm salt water, gently moisturize and scrub away your worries, and indulge in delicious treats. You’ll discover the essence of what makes this destination so incredible. Ahui hou kākou! (That means “Until we meet again!”)” There are also some random fun facts about HI in the brochure as well.

I like that they give you a heads up about the next month’s location getaway, which will be Vermont an Autumn roadtrip shipping November 17th.

First up is a Tub & Scrub Hawaiian Bath Salts container “Crafted from authentic Pacific Sea Salt, Tub and Scrub Bath Salt Company brings you the most authentic Hawaiian inspired bathing experience. Cast your stress to sea as you drift into relaxation.” $10 retail. I’m sure I’ll use this in a foot bath or hand soak at least.


Gentle Scrub Facial Buff, $7 retail. “With a gentle, soft weave texture, this facial buff tool works excellently with any facial wash to remove dirt, grime and pollutants. Refresh your skin without worry of damaging it!” I couldn’t find a website for this.


Seashell Lei, $5.99 retail, which I find hard to believe unless you buy it at a tourist shop, they give these out for free at Hilo Hattie! “Embrace this cultural icon right from the shores of Hawaii. This artfully crafted seashell lei captures the spirit and vibrancy of Hawaii. Handcrafted from seashells found on Hawaiian beaches, each Lei is completely unique!” Either way I decorated one of my office tables with it.


Yes, I’m already ready for Christmas! lol

Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamias, $2 retail. “Indulge in this luxurious taste sensation. Crafted with genuine dry roasted Hawaiian Macadamias and a signature blend of dark chocolate, each bite of this simple, sweet delicacy will have you experiencing an island escape.”I love these and snack on them regularly.


Honey Girl Organics Face & Eye Cream and Night Cream sample, it says $62 retail but online for the full size 1.75 oz the price is $30.99. So unless the night cream sample is also about $30 then that is false information and they are raising the “retail value” of items on their brochure which is upsetting. If I’m subscribing I want the truth and full size items or certain value amounts if promised that. I appreciate that it is organic at least so I can try it on my sensitive skin. It has cute packaging too but with the size it probably won’t last too long, especially the small night cream sample. It came wrapped up in this cute island themed bag.

Here are the lotions in their cute containers. “Hawaiian Pupukea honey and organic extra virgin olive oil, these ultra soothing balms will bring the life of the islands back to your skin. Protective & restorative. Mahalo!” The $30 is much more affordable than the $62 the brochure claims, which can possibly lose some business for Honey Girl Organics. I love the packaging though!


Moon Big Island of Hawaii Travel Guide, retail $17.99. I know travel guides can tend to be a little pricey so this is believable. “Don’t forget you Moon Handbook when you’re planning your Hawaiian vacation. Filled with secrets on the best sites and adventures, your guidebook chronicles the must-visit places along your journey!”


Ola Body Butter, retail $10. I received Passion Fruit and it smells incredibly refreshing like sweet fresh fruit were bottled up in this butter. “Delicately fragrant, passionately crafted, Ola Body Butter is a must-have Hawaiian body product made with ingredients found right in Hilo, Hawaii. Organic, wild-crafted, and sustainable ingredients make this a local favorite!”


Personal Paradise Coconut Lime Body Wash is the title description but I received a body lotion. Also, it is clearly not a full size of which is very deceiving since their website advertises the box as luxury “full size” products. Especially for the price of the box you really should be getting full sized items of everything if it’s what they claim to give. A full size is 8 oz, $9.95 retail, so it’s not like it would’ve hurt them to keep their word on this. “Made with fresh Hawaiian water, Macadamia nut oil, Kukui nut oil, lychee extract, aloe, and coconut and lime. Personal Paradise truly brings the finest ingredients of Hawaii right to you. Apply generously!”

This is more like a hand lotion size sample, so I’ll use it for hand lotion instead. I love anything with coconut scent and coconut oil in it because of the health benefits and how lovely it is lightly naturally scented. It would’ve been nice to get a body wash since there are a few lotions included in the box already, it was actually a bit overwhelming at first sight seeing so many lotions lol. I am okay with this since all the lotions are island scents and lovely.

Royal Hawaiian Orchards Papaya Lime Macadamia Crunch, retail $4.15. “Crunch into this scrumptious Hawaiian snack, made from local ingredients that are wholesome, pure, simple, and downright delicious. Careful, they’ll disappear quick!” This is actually quite tasty, it bursts with crunch and flavor and are the perfect bite size. I like that the bag is resealable too.


Artisan Salt, Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt, retail $14.99. I have some but love this cute bottle that can be refilled with the one I have. Mine is in a baggie, so I appreciate the spare and adorable glass jar with the cork lid! “Say ‘Aloha’ to a traditional Hawaiian Sea Salt combined with Hawaiian red clay for even more nutrients and flavor. A delicious, savory addition to salads, meats, seafood and soup, you’ll be cooking like a Hawaiian native in no time!” I like using it in stews or any island style/asian dish.


Bonus item Tiesta Tea Maui Mango retail $7.99 is a loose leaf tea. This pricing is off, the website lists it at $6.99 for this 2.5 oz pouch size. “Take your taste buds on a truly tropical adventure with Tiesta Tea’s Maui Mango immunity tea. With a flavor of bold fruity goodness, it’s no wonder this tea was awarded best iced tea at the 2009 World Tea Expo!” I didn’t even know there were tea expo’s but I learned something new and am excited to try this tea out! It sounds wonderful.

Look at all the beautiful fruit!


I also received an extra item that wasn’t on the product list, a cute lavender sachet with a lavender foot bath sample from Ostara Organics Ltd. I appreciate it, but sadly am allergic to lavender so I’m not sure if it’s safe for me to try but am thinking about gifting this to someone special who needs some spa time! They have a mini shop on their Facebook page but I couldn’t find a website.


This was a great page but I am disappointed to see pricing be raised higher than what some are listed on the websites for. It almost seems like this box sub is trying to make subscribers feel like they are getting some things that are much higher priced than they actually are so you feel you are getting more value for your money, thus justifying the huge $50 price on the box. I requested a cancellation already and will keep an eye on future boxes to see if it improves and will contact customer service about my concerns, so we’ll see how it goes!


2 thoughts on “Escape Monthly Hawaii October 2013

    • You’re welcome and thank you very much also! 😃 Both sides of my family are from and still living in Hawaii so it made me feel closer to them so I can only imagine how it must’ve made you feel 😃 I’m glad you enjoyed my post!

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