PopSugar Must Have October Box 2013

I blogged about my sign up for the PopSugar Must Have Box and canceling a few of my other box subscriptions like Whimseybox. I hear a lot of good reviews about PopSugar’s Must Have box and really like that even though the box costs $35, you get at least a $100 worth of products always. The box price is going to go up to $40 starting in November but I am still okay with that since the value of everything is well over that.

The package is white and pink themed to go with their PopSugar Pink color they’re known for, and has their sticker label on it so I knew my Must Have box had arrived on my doorstep! When I came home from dinner with my husband and saw it on my doorstep with the big PopSugar sticker on our front porch I was super excited lol.

It comes with a very nice paper quality brochure of all the products inside. Also I think I’m going to start consistently entering the insert/brochure product descriptions into my blog posts because they spend so much time writing these fun product descriptions that I want to include them here as well! The front reads “Pink is a very special color to us here at POPSUGAR Must Have. Not only is it our signature hue, but more importantly, it is the color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October. This month, we are donating $1 for every box to breast cancer research and have also teamed up with a number of brands and products that support multiple breast cancer charities. Of course, it’s also time to get in the Halloween spirit and think about getting reacquainted with the kitchen, since the holidays are around the corner. We hope you love this box.”


The lid has a big “Enjoy” sticker on it, which adds a nice touch.


Then there is some bright pink tissue paper with their logo sticker sealing it.


It was a pretty heavy box and was jam packed with goodies!


The Must Have Food item is also heaviest and biggest item was this The Can’t Cook Book: Recipes For The Absolutely Terrified! Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook that from what I read online, has just been released. It is $16.79 online, and is a sturdy book with plenty of photos to go with the recipe which is very helpful.

“Jessica Seinfeld’s brand-new-cookbook will help you tackle delicious and simple recipes at home. If you haven’t stepped foot in a kitchen in years or are just looking for fresh takes on your nightly dinners, this cookbook is for you. The gorgeous photos and funny, heartwarming anecdotes about Jessica and her family throughout will help guide you through your next culinary adventure. Your skills will be honed just in time for the holidays!”

Their Must Have Beauty items are from NYX. I am in love with this brown liquid eyeliner, I am normally not able to work well with brush type liners and need the more stiff style applicators but this was easy for me to use. I was actually able to get a more precise winged eyeliner look and have a new liquid eyeliner favorite now! The brown was a lovely shade of espresso brown that still showed up dark enough to see that it’s eyeliner, but not too light that it looks non-existent like most brown eyeliners. The eyeliner is $5.99.

The Smokey Shadow Palette, also from NYX and pictured above, is a nice variety or colors to create fun multi colored smokey eyes with and has shades that are very fall and winter friendly. Palette is $7. “Define your eyes with this easy-to-apply liquid eyeliner. Use the very precise brush to get the thinnest line possible, or go for something a little more dramatic. We’ve paired it with this Smokey Shadow Palette for you to try out a sexy look this season. The shades all work alone, or they can be used together to create the perfect smoky eye.”

I was a little nervous about a jewelry item from PopSugar since I tend to be on the smaller side and whenever general sized jewelry is sent in box sub’s I tend to get the short end, especially on bracelets having a 6.25″ in wrist! This Must Have Fashion bracelet from Gorjana actually fit me and I love the pink and beads on it, so I was thrilled and wore it immediately! It is $45, and is made in PopSugar’s signature pink color, plus 100% of the proceeds from this bracelet go to the charity Breast Cancer Connections in honor of Breast Cancer awareness this month. It came in a luxuriously soft drawstring Gorjana gift bag, and the value alone of this bracelet covers the box price! I also like how the “round” gold button is not perfectly round.

Here were a few photos of the detailing on the bracelet from the Gorjana website.

“This delicate, playful bracelet is also ready to do some good. When someone purchases this bracelet – made in our signature pink color – on the gorjana retail site, 100 percent of the proceeds of the piece go to the charity Breast Cancer Connections. Wear your pink with pride this October.”

Another Must Have Beauty item is from Julep, which is always exciting, since I love their polishes! I was ridiculously excited to see the Freedom Polymer top coat ($18) as a part of this duo, I have been dying to try it but haven’t been able to justify spending the money on myself when I have a ton of top coats to go through still. So thank you PopSugar!! I also received Char ($14), a lovely deep sapphire blue.

“We teamed up with Julep to bring you an exclusive duo of nail polishes – one of the season’s best colors and a top coat. Beyong giving us beautiful and festive manicures, the special Julep formula will help keep your nails healthy. The top coat will dry shiny and smudge-free in just five minutes. And just like that, you’re on your way with a new nail look.”

I received a set of Must Have Fashion Jane Tran Metallic Bobby Pins in my Hammock Pack box previously and they work really well at holding hair in place all day and they don’t stick out like a sore thumb, but rather blend in well stylishly with your hair to make any style work. The set of three came in a variety or teals, and blues. These are $12.

“Pull back your tresses with style thanks to these Jane Tran bobby pins. The design is sweet, modern, and colorful but still subtle. Plus. the shape of the pins means they will hold your hair back all day with ease. Use them to create a simple side-swept look or as a part of a more elaborate updo.”

For Must Have Beauty again, is this cute pink The Wet Brush, $14. For every brush included in PopSugar subscribers boxes, The Wet Brush makes a donation toward the fight against breast cancer, so that’s wonderful to know! It is supposed to detangle wet hair without snagging or breaking hair and can be used in the shower too!

“We’ve all struggled to get a brush through our hair after a shower, and now we have the solution for you: The Wet Brush. Our beauty editors showed us this secret weapon, and we immediately knew we had to get it in POPSUGAR Must Have. The magic of The Wet Brush is in the specially formulated bristles that eliminate all tugging, tearing, pulling, and ripping. Even better, our friends at The Wet Brush are making a donation toward the fight against breast cancer for every brush included in this month’s box.”

I was excited to get a Halloween snack too. This Must Have Food item is The Crispery Halloween Crispycake $3.99. It is literally a huge looking rice crispy snack but a gourmet adult version and is big enough to share with someone special. It’s going to make a great Halloween snack to share with my hubby! It’s really squishy soft too πŸ˜ƒ.

“Handmade, soft, and perfectly gooey, these gourmet crispy cakes from The Crispery will put a smile on the face of your inner child. Even if you’re too old (is there even such a thing?) to be trick-or-treating, you can enjoy this nostalgic Halloween treat. They’re simply delicious and festive, too.”

The Special Extra item is a Stitch Fix gift card. I am actually a Stitch Fix member and was grateful they took existing members into consideration with this gift. The $20 credit is valid for both new and existing subscribers and also waves the styling fee, so I’m going to use this in the near future! It’s been a while since my last Fix anyway.


“Try out this fun new personal styling service to get handpicked fashion goodies delivered right to your door. Enjoy $20 off your purchase plus a waived styling fee – Stitch Fix away!”

Other inserts that were at the bottom of the box.


I was very impressed with this box and am super excited to try everything out, I especially adore the bracelet that fits my small wrist, and the Julep polishes!

Thanks for reading and I’d love to hear if any of you are PopSugar subscribers, or are interested in signing up. If you are interested I do have a referral link. πŸ˜ƒ


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