Eco Emi October 2013

I love all the pumpkin decor during fall and Halloween, like the one featured on the Eco Emi insert! Eco Emi is $15/month that includes 5-10 samples (sometimes full size), of all natural, eco-friendly, green, vegan or animal conscious type products wrapped in earth friendly packaging.

The back with the product list that I took a quick photo of without peeking at the items on it!

The front of the insert reads: “Happy Hallo-scream! I hope you have a spooktacular good time during your festivities. This time of year is one of the best! Being able to open up the windows and feel that cool breeze, followed by the wonderful, fresh autumn smell; what a delight! I love going to the orchard to pick apples and that perfect pumpkin to carve. Seeing everyone have such fun is the best part of all; especially seeing the little kids (and even adults) dressed up in their Halloween costumes anxiously waiting for their goodies! Speaking of goodies, the October box is filled with them, and I’m sure you will enjoy! PS: We would love to see the fun you had! Post the photos of your pumpkin carvings and Halloween costume on Eco Emi Facebook and Twitter!”

I love the adorable spooky confetti in this box! I always save the confetti provided in each box for future gifting!


There were a few inserts and coupon codes. EcoFriendlyLiving provided code “Take10Now” for 10% off an order at EcoFriendlyLiving. Botanical Interests provided “ECO2013” for $5 off a $25 order. Fuch’s Toothbrushes sent a brochure showing different brush options they offer.


Starting off with the treat of course, a Dark Chocolate Mint Cup by Sun Cups, 12ct/2 cups or 24ct/1 cup $20. “It wouldn’t be Halloween without chocolate, and the Mint flavor is so yummy. Made with white and dark chocolate, cane sugar and peppermint oil. It’s nut free and gluten free too, so treat yourself!” I love mint and dark chocolate so this is my dream treat lol. The creamy center is quite decadent, it’s almost a melted butter flavor and texture that melts and the fine sugars quickly disslve in your mouth. The peppermint oil leaves a refreshing fresh mouth and taste, it really is a wonderful treat!


I don’t really have a need for a travel toothbrush since I pack up my Sonicare brush with me whenever I do travel, but maybe I’ll use this to clean jewelry with hand soap for lazy days that I don’t feel like using my jewelry cleaner. Fuchs Soft Pocket Travel Toothbrush by Lotus, $3.95. “What a great travel size toothbrush to have handy in your purse after having some treats. It has a replaceable brush head and contains up to 95% less plastic than other brushes; even the recyclable varieties!”


I’m excited to try this Spicy Chili Seasoning Mix by Simply Organic out, 2.96 oz $4.29. “October is the perfect season to begin cooking in the crock pot. What better way to start than trying out this delicious, organic seasoning mix? It doesn’t have to be used just in chili; be creative and share your favorite recipe on Eco Emi Facebook page.”


Time to unwrap and get into this lovely Halloween inspired bag!


I don’t have much of a green thumb at all as I’ve mentioned before, so I’m not sure what I’ll do with these Pumpkin Jack O’Lantern seeds by Botanical Interests, 6 grams $1.89. “Halloween isn’t complete without a pumpkin and the enjoyment of carving them out. Have you tried toasting the seeds for a yummy treat? There are many more recipes you can follow and we would love to hear what your favorites are.” It looks like it is supposed to be planted in warmer months but it just started getting colder, and wouldn’t grow in time for Halloween anyway. I might try and save this for next year if I’m feeling up to it. πŸ™‚


Organic Shaving Cream by Grass Roots Essential, 2oz $5. This is new to me, it is more of an oil form and feels much like coconut oil actually. “This organic shaving cream is made with shea butter and can be used for both women and men. Apply during shaving to minimize the chance of cuts, and you’ll love how it makes your skin feel. So smooth…” I will try this out in the shower probably to keep things from getting too messy and oily.


I am still afraid of dry shampoo with my skin being so sensitive and still have a few from other brands that I’ve received through prizes, or box subscriptions, and will add this to my stash or give it to a friend who might get better use of this. Natural and Organic Dry Shampoo by Eco Friendly Living, 4oz $8. “Dry Shampoo is something new to me, so I was curious to try this out. Now, I’m hooked! It removes oil and odor while leaving your hair clean and voluminous. Sprinkle a little on your hair or use a large makeup brush on the roots of your hair. Let it sit for a minute then brush it out. WOW! What a time saver!” Because this is organic I might save it and give it a try if I desperately don’t have the time to shower and my hair needs it.


Vegan Caramel Brownie Gel Eyeliner by All Natural Face, .43oz $5.75. I have tried a couple of their lip glosses and like that they are not sticky and they smell wonderful too. This gel eyeliner is a lovely brownie color as the name states, it has a very thin brush applicator that was easy to use and apply. Definitely a new favorite of mine! “Just the name of this sounds delicious. It’s smudge-proof and stays on ’till you wash it off. The beautiful brown color is warm and inviting; a perfect color for the autumn season!” I also like that their line is vegan!


Vegan Mineral Warm Honey Eye Shadow by All Natural Face, 5 gram $3.50. Now I have a pet peeve about these eyeshadow samples, I don’t mind them but I do mind the type of packaging they send it in. For example, this container that was sent by All Natural Face in our box.

I love the shade, but hate the mess that I will cause trying to open & close, and re-opening and closing the container each time I’d use it. So now I have to wait till I finish up a eyeshadow sifter container of mine, which will be a very very long time. I only wear make up on the weekends or when I go out, which isn’t often so my cosmetics last me quite a while. So I wish they would include mini sifters or something that would make these sample shadows easier to use.

Description for the eyeshadow sample reads “I’m in love with this color! The warm, copper, bronze tint is a perfect shade for everyone. Be creative and dip your brush in water for a liquid-like eye shadow too.”

I also received an extra item that wasn’t on the product list card, from Potion Witch Apothecary. It’s a cute black container, decent size that looks full size, Honey Bee Lip Balm, $4 for this size. I truly appreciate the simple organic ingredients: “organic beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, organic local honey, vanilla” all amounts to happy lips πŸ™‚ The vanilla and honey scent together are light but if you sniff carefully it’s such a lovely mildly sweet scent! It has a nice consistency to the lip balm too, when applied to lips it is almost matte and sticks very well. It has a slightly thick consistency to it, thicker than most lip balms, but because of this it lasts on lips a little longer than usual! The natural honey fragrance is very addicting!


Finding this extra item was a real nice surprise, especially since I’m not sure if I’ll be able to use some of the other items. I will experiment and try them eventually since they are mostly organic and safe though. One reason why I love my Eco Emi box! I didn’t receive a shipping confirmation email for this month’s box like I normally do so it had surprisingly showed up in my mailbox unexpected. πŸ™‚ Are any of you Eco Emi subscribers? Whether you are or aren’t, I’d love to hear your thoughts of feedback on the items in this or your box!


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