New Travelbox Subscription Coming Out Soon!

I just discovered a really neat box subscription coming out next month that I wanted to share! It’s called Travelbox and is a monthly box sub that, like others, gets shipped to your doorstep. The photo below, and other photos in this post, are screenshots taken from their website. It is a sub for those who are interested in, or love to travel, the travel-obsessed or anyone on the go. You’ll receive a package of surprise unique items and curated products designed to inspire and supply your travels. They claim to “scour around the world to find unique, fun, innovative items you may not have heard of yet” and will have a combination of 4-5 premium travel, food, beauty and lifestyle items from travel candles, sleep masks, locally milled soaps, premium skin care products, snacks or premium artisan chocolates, games, books on traveling or other books. Really, it sounds like a luxury vacation package for a getaway at home!


There are 3 subscription options:
Month to month – $33/box
3 months – $28/box
6 months – $25/box
So you save more with the longer term subscriptions. There is also talk of a promo code being released soon for new subscribers! I will keep you posted on that and give you guys any info I learn as we get closer to their release date!

Billing date for this is the 10th of the month, and boxes will ship on the 15th of each month. Shipping is free and included in the sub price. They also have a blog started with a brief post with a little information on their box if you’re interested click here.

Right now you can request an invite at their website by providing your email and you’ll also get a $10 credit toward your box! Their first box is schedules to launch in Winter 2013. If you get on their list, be sure to let them know where you heard about it, I would greatly appreciate it! I have applied to get on the bloggers list to review their upcoming box, so wish me luck! For those who subscribe and try out this box, letting them know you were referred by me (Dorene Ramirez), you help raise my chances so I really appreciate any and all support!


If demand is high, we get in lots of referrals to them, and lots of sign ups via email, then they may launch sooner so we shall see how soon they launch their first box! Keep in mind, those who sign up for early info/access get first dibs on boxes when they launch! It’s always exciting getting on board with a company from the beginning and seeing them grow. One box sub I’ve been with since the beginning is My Cotton Bunny, it makes me a bit more loyal to them than others because of it too. You can also follow their progress and updates on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

It sounds like a really fun mix of spa, beauty, and vacation inspired items will be included and all of us can use a nice getaway at home, especially spa days at home like I often blog about! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this box, and if you plan on subscribing or getting your invite! 😃


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