Indie Gift Box Prize “Singing The Blues” Box!

I had entered one of the Indie Gift Box giveaways where you review a box and that is your entry. Since I blog about all my boxes I submitted my blog review of a previous box I had purchased and it won me a “Singing The Blues” box! 🙂 *happy dance*


Everything arrived in a flat rate envelope bubble mailer, and wrapped in cute pink tissue paper with their sticker seal!


I opened the smaller package curiously and it’s a Candlelit Desserts candle! It smells like sweet blueberries.

I’ve got it set up next to my mini pumpkin and candle decor in my office where I do most of my work and photos for blogs. As you can tell I’m a huge candle fanatic so I appreciate this lovely candle!


In the other pink wrapped set of items was a cute bright aqua handmade notebook with “What Will You Create Today?” on the cover. Fronts of the pages are lined and the backs have a grid on the back, all hand printed and it’s actually quite adorable! From Make My Notebook.


Next is this blues album from Leslie Lowe, Heart Still Beats The Same. I actually really enjoy the calm melodies and soothing melodic voice of hers. I’m listening to it and am already on track 8, it’s definitely very easy to listen to and it’s staying in my CD player!


Finally this adorable crafty type necklace with “create” stamped on the pendant along with a cute aqua crystal looking bead. Sebastian Design’s on Etsy provided promo code “INDIEGIFTBOX” for 15% off. It looks like a standard 18″ necklace, it’s adorable but not really my style and I have my Swarovski Hello Kitty necklace that I wear everyday. I will probably save this for someone special who can appreciate this more that I think it’ll look lovely on!


Overall I think my favorite items are the CD and candle! I was really excited to win a gift box prize since they are a little pricey. The box costs $25 plus $5.50 shipping & handling for US. Shipping to Canada is $15, and $22 International. You get a variety of handmade items from artists and shops based on the theme of the month’s box. It is a first come first serve subscription, you can sign up for their emails for notifications of new boxes or follow their social sites. I’ve purchased only two of them because of the price and it’s kind of a gamble on whether you’ll like everything from them. They also recently combined with Poppy Parcel, which I wasn’t exactly thrilled with. I love the items I got in this box except the necklace, so this was a good box!


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