Dr. Scholl’s Inserts Compliments of Influenster!

As a disclaimer I was provided these inserts compliments of Influenster to try out and review. I received a Women’s insert size 6-8 that is adjustable, in the sense that you can cut them along the edge with the provided lined guide.


They arrived in the original packaging along with an insert. Here is the front photo.

Below is the back of both.


I have them inserted in my shoes and the arch support is very nice, usually with inserts the arch support is either too flimsy or non existent so this was a nice surprise. I need a good arch support especially for days I plan on being on my feet all day to minimize the pain at the end of it all! It’s even in a cute pink color so when I take my shoes off there’s a pretty insert inside that isn’t noticeable in a bad way! I actually didn’t need to cut my inserts since they fit into my shoes perfectly being a size 8.

Overall, these are a pair of inserts I would actually recommend if you either do a lot of walking, running, have an active lifestyle, or even for a pair of shoes that you wear out all the time. The arch has just the right amount of support for me, the heel support has a soft gel material but is firm enough to hold up for whatever shock may come its way. I’d love to hear if you have tried these out, heard of them, and what you think!


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