Whimseybox Macrame September 2013

This months Whimseybox was of a macrame theme. Last months bracelet was fun but the photo directions were a bit overwhelming at first.

It was wrapped all pretty in pink!

I was hoping for something a little less complicated the next month but was hit with some more long complicated seeming photos of how to do this craft. It was sort of discouraging actually. I’m not advanced at all in crafting and didn’t want something that would be too complicated or difficult for me to do.




Thank goodness I have Bubba’s company through it all!


It came with the macrame string that is made up of lots of string in a tubed cotton material, a ring, and box sticker label.


Different sized wooden beads, and a Macrame achievement pin. A new extra they are doing, you get a themed pin achievement with each themed box.

The card gives you the details on the back.


I actually didn’t like the craft ideas for this one so I went online and found a snowflake macrame idea on their website and will probably give that a try since it’s good for beginners like myself. I did however cancel this box after this one since it is becoming more like Craftistas with crafts that are beginning to collect dust. The DIY Lip Balm kit I was started off with was amazing, I was hoping there would be a few more like that. Instead my husband offered to take me to our local Hobby Lobby and pick out crafting items I need from there and in a sense make my own kit or craft project that I know I will like. I like that idea better so I’m going that route, so I must say goodbye for now to Whimseybox. I’ll be keeping the stick it came with for my washi tape to make a dispenser later on when I get the proper supplies. I’ll post about that when I make it! Till then, stay crafting and have fun being creative!



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