Glitter Guilty October 2013

It’s time for my October Glitter Guilty box! I love that it ships at the beginning of the month unlike all my other box subscriptions. Most of my other subs start shipping on the 15th and throughout the end of the month, which was part of the reason I signed up for my Glitter Guilty sub. It’s nice to have one in the beginning of each month to start my month off with some fun nail mail that’s customized to my color preferences and a fun random mini polish that I always love! To set the mood and create a spa like ambience I set up my Chai Spice candle that my hubby bought me along with a mini pumpkin in my office where I’ll be unboxing and doing a spa foot soak and mani!

The candle came in a three pack from Costco with Chai Spice, Pomegranate Mango, and Simmering Vanilla. All perfect scents to get me through the fall and winter days at home! You can see my Glitter Guilty box under the middle candle lol. I am ready and excited!!

They were on sale for $15, normally $20! That beats Bath & Body Works candles that are normally $20, sometimes 2 for $20. The mini pumpkins came in a bag of 5 for a little under $3 at Walmart. I have them on my coffee table in my office until I decide where to put them.

One is mini enough to stand on top of my medium sized Bath & Body Pumpkin Carving candle! It’s adorable!


Opening up my box there was a note from Jessica announcing that she is expecting, will have less time to customize polishes for subbies to our likes and dislikes, but will include a lot more bonuses in our boxes because of this. She will only do a variety of 10-12 polishes each month that subscribers will get, or we have the option to not be surprised and request a current polish off her website to receive for our full size polish. That is pretty neat, in case she has a new polish I am dying to have and don’t have the extra to spend! I’m actually still excited and okay with these changes, I can’t wait to see what will arrive next month! All November boxes will have a bonus item included as a token of her appreciation also. Which is very kind of her!


The first thing that caught my eye is chocolate!! Now that it is finally cooler weather she is able to send chocolates out which is of course the best kind of sweets! Hand dipped chocolate covered treats to be exact! Chocolate covered oreo and a chocolate covered graham cracker are wrapped in this cute cellophane bag with a business card from DCS Chocolates. Ingredients are only chocolate, oreo, and graham cracker. Perfection. πŸ™‚ I already ate the chocolate covered graham cracker which was beyond decadent and a drastic improvement to the regular graham cracker I’m used to. In fact I don’t even eat graham crackers except with S’mores on rare occasions so this was a nice treat.


The monthly polish based off my likes and dislikes was wrapped in this lovely orange material drawstring bag, perfect to get me feeling festive about Halloween in a few weeks!

I received On A Cloud. It is a lovely white cream based polish with sky blue iridescent micro glitter wonderfully scattered and with two coats has a perfect opacity.


Here is my mani I created with these polishes! I had a nice relaxing couple of hours with the Moody Sisters new (not yet released) fizzy bath bomb, that I used as a pedi soak! I love the Vanilla Chai scent it’s perfectly mild and very relaxing. If you check them out make sure you mention who you heard about them from! πŸ™‚


The monthly mini that all subscribers received is this fun Halloween inspired polish called Something Wicked. It is a black purple base with emerald and grape colored hex’s and very fine silver glitter that really makes the polish shine like magic. It reminds me of a magical witch’s outfit that is mystical and glittery rather than scary lol. This is only my second box so far but I have loved all my customized polishes and monthly mini’s so far!


Everything was wonderful as always and the polishes are new favorites to my Indie collection that I’m starting!



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