Nail Mail Haul part 1 from V! Plus Tropical Skittles Mani!

I received part 1 of my nail mail from my buddy for October, I’ll call her V in case she doesn’t want her name in here! She is very kind though and I am glad to have met her and we have really hit it off, becoming friends quickly. I was ecstatic to find my package from her in the mailbox and started opening it immediately! She packaged everything beautifully in pink and red tissue paper, colors I love together, and hearts!! She even threw in some faux petals to add in a lovely personalized touch. The Hello Kitty stickers on the box had me giddy, jumping up and down like a little girl. My husband was even watching me open everything lol.


She got me the entire collection of the Hello Kitty Speciallista polishes except a glitter one called Fizzy, that I located online and ordered for $10 so my collection will be complete! The color names are Blueberry, Mint, Melon, Gum, Apple, Candy, Plum, and Sweet. I’ll blog about Fizzy when it arrives!


I was trying to use Nail Tek II for two weeks that V recommended but when I got this I couldn’t help myself and created two different mani’s lol. Well I adjusted the first one after I didn’t like it and still decided to share photos. The first one I added some Hello Kitty nail decals but I didn’t like how they sat on the polish so I removed them and the polish on those two nails shortly after.


After that, I used my franken Zoya Pixie Polishes from A Girl Obsessed and added blue french tips on the left hand to match the blue ombre, and pink on the right for the pink ombre. I actually really like how it came out.



To me the Hello Kitty polishes look like tropical skittles on my nails!

They needed two coats, three on some colors, for a good opaque color and do take long to dry so I recommend a good quick dry top coat like Seche Vitte from Sally’s Beauty Supply. Mine is starting to thicken so I need to buy another soon or buy the freshener V told me about on Amazon. With this top coat it helped dry time a lot.

Well I hope you enjoyed these fun mani’s as much as I did! On Monday I’ll get back to the Nail Tek II Intensive therapy on my nails. In the mean time I am applying it over my mani once a night as I read some reviewers do that supposedly helps. Normally you apply it on twice a day for 7 days straight, then remove with polish remover, and repeat for another week. It is supposed to help with peeling, weak nails like mine. I can’t wait to see how it helps me! Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!


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