My Cotton Bunny Summer’s End Bundle September 2013

My Cotton Bunny came at the beginning of the next month like usual for me.

They did a lot of new updates to their website and gave it a new look. Also the price for new subscribers is now $16 instead of the $13.75 my husband pays for this subscription. For those that are subscribed from the beginning, we were told from the start that, we would lock in our price if it were to ever be raised. I’ve been happy with MCB since the beginning and still am, but am especially grateful that original subbies are shown appreciation by keeping our original price! My husband, who pays for it, really appreciates it too and doesn’t ever want to cancel lol. *happy dance*

Anywho, back on track, for the newer website…they also added a preferences section for shirt size, favorite color and birthday. Excited to see what personalized items will arrive in the future! The theme for this box was Summer’s End Bundle to celebrate the end of summer with a few goodies. So I’ll get the essential item of my choice out of the way, Tampax Pearls regular.


The gift is a silvertone anklet, description: “This quintessential accessory with heart chars and a bell is a fanciful reminder of summer.” I’m normally not an anklet fan but this one is utterly adorable with the dangling hearts and cute mini bell that hangs. It actually fits my ankle too which is nice! It came wrapped inside an elegant black flat-bottom organza bag.


The next best part the treat included two treat varieties. First are the Madeleines by Donsuemor. “Soft and delicious, a light snack to go with your tea and help you relax on those long evenings.” There is a chocolate dipped original flavor and lemon zest for the second. I am currently having the lemon zest as we speak, it has a subtle sweet citrus flavor that is delightful.


The next treat is a set of Teas by Numi. “Brew up some dry desert lime or Moroccan Mint.” They are both caffeine free which is a nice change from the normal caffeine teas that are sent. The dry desert lime was a bit too citrus-y for my taste. It literally tasted like a squeezed lime drink with a smidgeon of water, and some honey (that I couldn’t taste over the citrus). I am excited about the Moroccan Mint though since I’m obsessed with mint teas.


The bonus for sharing the summer reading book I was reading is a charm to attach to my bookmark. It’s actually pretty darn cute and reminds me of Animal Crossing because of the vibrant green and the leaves at the bottom!


I thought it was cute how they incorporated an item from last month with this month’s bonus item. So I inserted the charm into the hole punch of my feather bookmark. I was wondering what the hole was for when I first got the bookmark and was tempted to make a string tassel but am glad I didn’t!


This month’s special message is to take a look at their updated website that I mentioned at the beginning of this post, and update my profile with my favorite color which I’ve done! Easy enough. I always do a blog review each month which also qualifies me for the bonus item but I still enjoy doing the special message task at times. I also changed my ship date (a new feature that I LOVE) to the 9th so that I won’t be receiving all my items after “that time” which is going to be so much more helpful! Overall, loved the madeleines, it’s a nice treat and teas will always be great and appreciated for some comfort. I enjoyed everything in the box as always! If any of you are interested in subscribing or trying My Cotton Bunny out use promo code “MCBFRIENDS” for 40% off your first box and just mention my name “Dorene Ramirez” at the end of checkout! 🙂



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