Zoya FrankenPolish from A Girl Obsessed

I’ve already mentioned how A Girl Obsessed on Etsy is my favorite Indie polish shop! Samantha is very sweet, but also happens to mix my ultimate favorite polish AGO, her self titled polish with “multiple sized white glitters you’ll also find; large neon pink hexes, black diamonds and purple iridescent shreds”. Photo below is from her Etsy site.


She recently also frankenpolished some Zoya Pixie polishes! I purchased the pink from her, that is a gorgeous rose pink.

As soon as I got it in the mail I was playing with it lol. She altered it so that the grainy texture isn’t so bad and is wearable. I haven’t dabbled with the sand textured polishes yet because the grittiness in photos seemed a bit too extreme and sloppy, it almost looks like the nails are messy and blotched up. This is my personal opinion of course, but I prefer this much more subtle version that has the mild sand grain you can feel when you touch it, a gorgeous glitter effect, along with a lovely matte background to all the shimmer!

It’s highly addicting, here it is on a mani! I was literally SO excited that I applied it on top of my existing mani that I posted about on yesterday’s blog post hehe 🙂 My husband was sitting there laughing at me saying “you can’t just paint over paint!” haha I do what I want!


I also created another mani with this polish since I loved it so much! The Almond Cuticle Oil had a lovely light scent, almond oil always reminds me of a milder Maraschino Cherry scent. I love it! It really softens the cuticles, is easy to apply and blend, and absorbs well. My sensitive skin had no negative reactions too which means I can use it nonstop! Ya!! I enjoy applying it after a mani to rejuvenate my cuticles and skin.

Using these polishes below. A Girl Obsessed from A Girl Obsessed as well as her new cuticle oil, Zombie Boogie from You Polish, and most importantly my lovely frankened Zoya Pixie polish! My very first Pixie polish is a special one.


She was generous enough to send me a few extra goodies since it took a little longer than normal to ship it out to me, but the wait was totally worth it. In fact I ordered the teal she frankened as well. She included a sample of her Cuticle Oil, a new item in her shop, a Sweet Almond Oil with a lovely light scent. It is a nice light formula that blends well and absorbs into the cuticle well.

I use the brush to apply it to my cuticles, then rub it in towards the knuckle closest to the nail to help with circulation and nail growth, and it’s like a spa experience after a lovely mani! It’s not too oily, unlike some cuticle oils that don’t seem to absorb but rather sit on top, plus this small size should last a while since you only need a little. My cuticles feel soft and look clear and moisturized after. The photo of my mani above is with it on.

I’m looking forward to trying this Facial Hydrating Mask in Goji Berry as well, I use face masks every week so this will definitely get put to good use. I think I saw these online recently so it’ll be fun trying it out for a pampered spa day.


I’ve never tried Zoya’f 3-in-1 formula Remove + Polish Remover, Nail cleaner, and Nail Prep. It’s a cute travel size bottle. This will be perfect for my trip when I go see family around Christmas time, IF I can wait that long! It’s adorable, I love mini products lol.


I’ve never seen a body butter sample size tube like this before and it’s pretty darn cute, and perfect for carrying in my pocket or in my purse. It’s a Cuccio Lyte Pomegranate and Acai Ultra-Sheer body butter with a pop off cap.


I am in love with my Zoya frankenpolish that I got from A Girl Obsessed, and can’t wait till my teal arrives. She did a wonderful job, and as always, did not let me down with her unique handmade polishes. She continues to be my favorite indie polish brand and I will be a loyal addict as long as she sells polish! Be sure to check out her shop at the link at the top of this post and let her know you heard about her from me!


Overall it was a great purchase that I definitely don’t regret! When I asked her how removal is, if it’s difficult like a glitter or simply like a regular polish and she replied it is easier to remove than most polish actually! That was my deal breaking decision! I have removed the polish and it actually was easy to remove, in fact it seemed to come off easier than normal polish! I am not sure if all pixie polishes are easy to remove like this, since it was my firs pixie but I do have them on my wish list now!

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