Eco Emi September 2013 Fall Themed Box

Eco Emi started us off with a Fall themed box for the beginning of Fall, and right on time too! The insert front and back below.



I love fall, the leaves start falling and turning pretty shades of orange and pumpkin fragrances are everywhere especially at coffee shops, yum! I already have pumpkin marshmallow Scentsy bars in my warmer and Pumpkin Harvest candles in the house from Bath & Body Works. Pumpkin coffee would’ve been my first preference but this Organic Peru La Florida Coffee by Cool Bean Perks Coffee sounds good too. 8oz $8.50. We use our coffee maker to heat water and make tea daily, and don’t want the coffee maker getting stained and smelling like coffee when we hardly ever drink coffee. When we crave coffee we go to our local Scooters and get something yummy mixed! So I’m not sure what I’ll do with this sample, gift maybe? Plus call me crazy, but I’ve never made coffee other than instant coffee lol. This is actually a custom roasted & packaged sample for Eco-Emi!

“A new favorite of mine! The beans are shade grown from the Northeast slopes of the Andes Mountains. The taste is smooth and slightly sweet. Enjoy the smell of the coffee brewing, it will ‘perk’ you up.”

Mint & Acai Whitening Gum by Vitacare, 1 pack $1.99. It is sugarfree and gluten-free. Insert description reads “A great gum that is enriched with essential vitamins and calcium along with a perfect balance of cool mint freshness and Acai richness. So refreshing after any meal.”


I’m always excited to try organic deodorants, like this Organic Sweet Orange Deodorant by Only Nat Cheryl, 2oz for $5.50. It’s in a cute lip tube size sample. I’m currently testing/sampling the Moody Sisters stick deodorant (and loving it!) so after that is done I’ll be testing this out! “This amazing travel size deodorant is made with organic coconut oil, organic corn starch, baking soda, essential oils, coco butter and candelilla. Enjoy this natural deodorant that REALLY works!”


I was excited to see a All Purpose Healing Salve in my box by The Natural Choice Apothecary, 4oz $13. However, it has lavender buds and lavender oil….sooo it made me incredibly sad to not be able to try this since I’m highly allergic to lavender. I really need a good healving salve for my lips right now too, they’ve been acting up and real dry and hurt. Most of their products have lavender from what I saw on their shop, so guess I won’t be shopping there. It sounds like a great product though according to the description: “What an awesome all purpose healing salve! This all natural herbal balm is great for small cuts, scrapes, sunburns, diaper rash and chapped skin or lips. Perfect to put in your purse!”


While it’s still warm outside I plan on making a pitcher of this Ginger Peach Iced Tea by Mighty Leaf. A tea case of 6 is $27. “Ice Tea is my favorite cold drink and this new flavor is very refreshing. It’s made from sun-swelled peaches and delicate ginger. The lightly sweet, fresh brewed tea will leave you wanting more.”


Sadly this Cleansing Towelette sample by Desert Essence also has lavender so I won’t be able to try it out. 24 towelettes are $12.74. The description again sounds interesting: “These wonderful towelettes have a refreshing blend of tea tree oil, lavender and orange extracts to help cleanse and soothe skin. They can be used for a variety of tasks so keep them in your car or purse!”


Included also is this generous 2oz sample of Organic Mayan Riviera Honey Moisturizing Exfoliant by Zola Jae, 2oz $2.99. On the label is a promo code “ECOEMI20” for a 20% discount at their website “Organic sugar and brown sugar are natural exfoliators that are perfect for sensitive areas. Just apply a small amount of scrub on your face. The feel of honey and organic sugars will make you feel so sweet!” It certainly sounds like a nice treat on spa days!!


They included another lip gloss from Purely You Minerals, $7 for a full size tube, but this time instead of giving us a full size tube they included a sample jar. They also included code “Eco lips” for a free Lip Cream of your choice with any $20 purchase. It also says they have free foundation samples available from their website. The shade is Ochre, a Juicy Orange flavored lip gloss. “Infused with botanical essential oil and vitamin E this luscious lip cream has a great balance of moisture and glam that will accentuate your smile and keep your lips healthy.” It’s odd that the title says lip gloss but description calls it a lip cream but either way I like their lip glosses and the natural ingredients in them. They were kind enough to include a doe lip applicator for sampling.


This stacked Assorted Creme Foundation by Lauren Brooke is adorable! 24g $27. Once I finish with it I will save it for nail art, I love that it’s stacked and adorable. 🙂 The description explains how it has Argan oil in it too which I’m a huge fan of and have tons everywhere in my house. “We are so excited about this product and the new shades! Now whipped in an age reversing Argan oil, the creamy formula blends beautifully to create a perfectly smooth and flawless complexion. Have fun picking your shade!” I actually like to mix and make my own shade depending how dark or light my skin is currently since it does change. So I’m really excited about this!


Now that everything is unwrapped, I wanted to share how cute the packaging was for some. The deodorant sample, healing salve, and foundation samples were wrapped like candy inside this lovely sachet bag. I love how thoughtful and creative Eco Emi wraps everything in tissue paper and bags.


I truly wish I could give the healing salve a try on my desperate lips but sadly someone lucky will get this as a part of a gift. Same goes for the cleansing towelette. Everything else I am excited to try out though, and I always love my Eco Emi products!



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