True Beauty Box September 2013

The Natural Beauty Box company decided to start shipping every other month, and lowered their price from $30/mo to $15/bi-monthly and apparently are not lowering the value of products you receive in each box. They want to give subscribers enough time to use up each product sent.


The first item I got to is of course the set of samples on top, of Balance Cream and Sunscreen. These seem to be becoming the common samples sent recently.


True Natural Lavender Bliss Soap buuuuut being allergic to Lavender this does me no good so I’m saving it for a gift to someone specal.


Another Benecos Nail Polish in Deep Plum, a gorgeous purple shade for fall!


Benecos Natural Eyebrow Designer in Gentle Brown. I was sent one of these already but I actually don’t mind a spare since it’s a great brow pencil and looks natural.


Lastly Benecos Natural Quattro Eyeshadow Beautiful Eyes 001…a duplicate item that I received the exact shades of from them already. I’m disappointed in the duplicate but will find use for it, it just would have been nice to try different colors.


This box felt generic like they stopped paying attention to what was shipped out to subscribers and started mailing duplicates or whatever they had. I’ll wait to see how the next ones are but if they keep this up I will probably cancel. I really like this box company, so I am going to do my best and give them some more time to prove themselves. I do like the product and brand since I’m able to use it on my skin.



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