Goodies Co Tasters Box September 2013

I decided to give this month a try with the Goodies Co Tasters Box. Let’s go over what was inside.


Starting with Bare Fruit Crunchy Fuji Red Apple Chips. I got apple chips in another box recently and didn’t like the “crunch” factor because it was more chewy and some were impossible to chew through which made apple chips on the bottom of my snack list so I tossed these.


Mario Pitted Snack Olives seasoned with sevillian spices packed loose without the juice. I am thinking about trying these on a toothpick with either prosciutto or some goat cheese!


Numi Organics Savory Tea, Garden your teacup. This is a decaf tea with vegetable flavors, but I gave it a try and did not like it unfortunately. I did love my other sipping teas in my Love With Food box but this tea was lacking in flavor and the vegetable spice infused flavor was less than appetizing.


Kashi Sun dried Tomato Basil & Feta All Natural Hummus Crisps. I’ll be snacking on these probably during a show with my hubby, along with the hummus dip I received in another box. They’re a combination of chick peas and whole grain.


A Attiki Honey sample.


Nestle Pure Life Splash Acai Grape reminds me of a Otter Pop, it is delicious and lightly sweetened.


I also didn’t see this bar in the box, my hubby found it before tossing out the box for me! 🙂 Zone Perfect Greek Chocolate Yogurt Bar. Sounds delicious, I’m so glad he found it!


Overall, not a bad box, but since I recently signed up for Pop Sugars Must Have Box I did put this box on hold, and skipped for the next 3 months.

I recently cancelled my Hammock Pack box and in place went with Pop Sugar since the value of their box is always at least $100 for the $35 monthly price. I felt Hammock Pack wasn’t giving me enough items I want for the $30 I was paying. The Pop Sugar October box is sold out but I opted to be on the wait list for a previous box. I like most of the previous boxes so I’d love to get one, and will post when I get my first box as usual!


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