Sock Panda Trial

I tried out a free month of Sock Panda’s sock subscription to see how I liked it and redeemed code “subscription boxes” for a free month, and I just pay the shipping which was $3. I wish they were for fuzzy socks, and I would be positive about keeping the subscription since I wear fuzzy socks with my pj’s every night! The subscription is for a random pair of socks each month, you choose a “Cool” or “Bold” style, and it costs $11/mo. I chose cool and received these socks.

The packaging of the envelope is cute with all the socks, and the socks themselves had a cute dog on them. Though I enjoyed the socks, I did not keep the subscription because I don’t normally wear these type of thin socks often. I tend to either wear fuzzy socks, thin ankle socks, or wool sock in the winter time. It was fun giving them a try and seeing if I liked it but unfortunately the type of socks they have aren’t for me and the quality didn’t really feel worth $11 in my opinion.

If any of you have tried them out I’d love to hear how you like(d) them?


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