Party time!

I had some time to myself yesterday so I did another mani lol, in pink theme for the Lash Bash, here’s what I did! It was my first time playing with the foil tape, it was neat.


For snacks as promised, I made my fillings for the tea/finger sandwiches last night. The first is goat cheese, cream cheese and black olives sliced. The filling goes into white bread slices, crusts cut off. I had chopped parsley on a plate, that the sides of the sandwich get dipped in and creates a lovely side coloring of green! The sandwich is then sliced into 4 triangles.


Next sandwich filling is cream cheese, mint jelly, and sliced cucumbers that I dried on a paper towel for 10 minutes to soak the excess water for my cucumber tea sandwiches! Same thing, cut crusts off and into 4 triangles.


I also made the pink lemonade in a pitcher and added a lemon sliced thinly for added color. The Wine-a-Rita’s my husband made were delicious and perfect for the party!

I apologize I forgot to take photos of the finished sandwiches since I was in such a hurry making them before the guests arrived! We had a blast and here are a few photos!

My mani I did during the spa mani or pedi part of the day.




Many thanks to Benefit Cosmetics, Ipsy, and my girl friends!

**Updre** With the extra ingredients I made a few more snacks for my hubby and I while I watch him play his new Grand Theft Auto so here’s what they looked like but in a much smaller portion!



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