DIY Decor and Goodies for my Lash Bash party!

Today I wanted to do a post about some of the stuff I put together for my party decor for the Benefit Cosmetics and Ipsy hosted Lash Bash Party that I was chosen to host! Ipsy subscribers were given a opportunity to apply for a chance to be one of 100 chosen, and in a sense lucky winners, to be a hostess for the first ever Lash Bash compliments of Benefit Cosmetics! I was super lucky and am so grateful to have been chosen. 🙂 They also added 20 more spots and chose additional winners, by request, and all winners have been notified already. The party date for all hostesses is scheduled for Saturday the 21st in the afternoon, I was able to take photos and post this in advance so I can focus on preparation for the actual party the day of!

I created my own invitations, and used a few to decorate the door and one wall.


My girl friends and I are super excited to get to experience the party together and have a bunch of fun girl time! Benefit and Ipsy have provided me with some full sized cosmetics for me and my guests to play with and create lovely make up looks with! The Sugarlicious on the right is my personal product that is new and I am sharing with my girls. I’ve set it up in a wicker tray I had in my office, and lined it with their pdf placemat, along with some mirrors, the product brochure, and pink Benefit Cosmetics napkins!!

The pink napkins are going to be perfect for the appetizers! I’ll try to take photo’s of the snacks and drinks after I make them tomorrow! I’ll be serving tea sandwiches, toasted cracker Hors d’oeuvre’s, pink lemonade, and Wine-A-Ritas from a kit I received in a box subscription recently that you mix with a bottle of white wine!


The agenda that I’ve set up consists of 3 fun games, spa face masks, make up fun and application, hand scrubs, and nail mani’s. I’ve purchased and created fun mani bags with a bunch of tools and accessories for the ladies!



I also got some disposable make up applicators to keep things sanitary.


There are also fun bright, cut out name tags and wish lists I created, attached to placemats for the gals.


They also included a DIY flower idea we could hang for decor, I decided to make one as a table/sitting decor. I also made it with two colors instead of the suggested one color, pink and white (since pink is Benefit’s main theme color!), and am happy with how it came out actually.


For being a hostess they included gifts for me: a cute Benefit Cosmetics make up bag, and a full size They’re Real mascara, $23, to give my lashes some love! I am going to use the cosmetic bag as part of the decor for the day of the party on top of the flower.


I actually didn’t realize the make up bag is for sale on their website until I found it on accident, it is called They’re Real! Makeup Bag (Beauty confessions make up bag) and sells for $26 online! They were incredibly generous and amazing with their gifts and goodie bag items for the guests. I’m beyond words, excited!


Did you know there’s a specific way to apply this mascara? I just recently discovered it, and get such better curling definition with it now. You first curl your lashes before starting, then apply to the top part of your top lashes instead of applying from underneath like normal, so that all the lashes are coated from top to bottom and all around. Next you apply underneath the top parts of your lashes, then turn the wand vertical and use the mini round wand at the tip and apply upwards from root to tips to separate and lengthen lash length. This helps you control the length, volume, and curl and truly look like you have faux lashes on! Then you wiggle the wand to apply to your bottom lashes. I love it! Photo below provided by Benefit and Ipsy.


I’ve lined the walls with the goodie gift bags, compliments of Benefit Cosmetics and Ipsy.


The goodie bags were real fun putting together!


I added in a macaroon thank you note, the disposable applicators in a cute lips zip bag, and an invitation keepsake.


Inside the beauty products are deluxe samples of Benetint lip and cheek stain (rose-tinted lip and cheek stain) $8 online, Sugarbomb Ultra Plush Lip Gloss (a shimmery pinky nude lip gloss) $10 on their website (wow!), and most importantly They’re Real Mascara (beyond mascara mini) also $10 online! So if you weren’t able to host a party you can still snag these deluxe sized goodies online and make your own goodie bag at home to play with!



Also included, is a coupon sheet for guests:
1- Visit the Benefit Brow Bar at Macy’s and receive a FREE brow arch service ($20 value) when you purchase a They’re Real! Mascara! Valid 9/22/13-10/5/13.
1- Visit any Benefit Boutique and receive a FREE brow arch service ($23 value) when you purchase a They’re Real! Mascara! Valid 9/22/13-10/5/13.
1- Receive a mini stay don’t stray and mini creaseless cream eye shadow with the purchase of a They’re Real! Mascara! Good online at with promo code “LASHBASH” at checkout. Valid 9/21/13-10/5/13.


There were also instructions for a DIY pom pom decor, I stuck with the pink and white theme and hung one bunch above the window and white sheer curtain.


There are also mini pom poms on the wicker make up tray, and front door with a printout also provided by Benefit that I printed on thick bright pink cardstock paper!


I’ve got a prize section, that I had a lot of fun putting together and shopping for.


The party is being held in my office upstairs, that is really a spare bedroom and pretty big. I set up my desk to be the appetizers and beverage table. All printouts were pdf’s provided by Benefit and Ipsy. I’ll be burning the deliciously scented Vanilla Caramel candle all day!


My coffee desk is set up with the mani gift bags, and spa face and lip mask treatments we’ll be using that I provided, and a mini spatula to stay clean! I took this photo before I had put all goodie bags on the table.


I’ve also decorated the walls with several pink printouts, I didn’t show all the goodie bags hanging on the walls because I figured 3 bags in the photo were enough lol.



I also used some of them to cover up little stuff like the printer paper. 🙂


The table also has a pom pom garland that I made on one side of a table.


Games will include a bingo game I made up. As well as a purse game, and two fakes and a truth provided by Benefit and Ipsy.


I’ve also used Washi craft tape to temporarily decorate these goblets and pitcher for Wink’s Pink Lemonade, and water or Wine-a-ritas depending on the gals’ choices! I made sure each one had pink on it somewhere to stick with the theme.


My pink Lash Bash inspired mani using my Heartbreaker Glitter Guilty polish from this month! Using a Hello Kitty and bow fimo for accents. 😃


Tomorrow we shop for our ingredients and do some prepping! Wish me luck! I’m so nervous and hope everyone loves all their gifts, prizes and have fun. Any of you gals hosting a Lash Bash party or Benefit Cosmetics fans? I’ve only tried a few of their products so I can’t wait to try everything tomorrow!! I hope you all have a fun inspiring day and weekend! I will post photos of the snacks as soon as I can! 😃


4 thoughts on “DIY Decor and Goodies for my Lash Bash party!

    • Thank you, I really appreciate it! I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Thank goodness I have such a helpful hubby 😃 I’ll be posting snack pics tomorrow some time! They’re gonna be yummy! ❤

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