Adopt A Friend Nail Mail Bundle!

I discovered this group on Facebook that was accepting a few new members into their private group to adopt a friend and exchange a nail gift with someone who shares a love for nail products and nail art. You buy anything from a few nail polishes to supplies, tools, or nail art, but most importantly include a letter introducing yourself and a little about you to get to know each other and become friends hopefully. The gift is the added perk.

For my first month I was paired with a new member and we wrote each other a letter and decided upon a $20 minimum gift since it was our first exchange and wanted to spoil each other a bit! We are also able to create a wish-list that we add to the already existing document in the group so our buddies can get an idea of our likes/dislikes, etc. We exchanged info, chatted a bit through Facebook and really hit it off, she is really sweet and kind and seems like a great person to get to know better.

This was the nail mail I received from her, and I literally loved every single item!


I’ve been seeing a bunch of nail mail photos online and it was nice being able to share my first one! 😃 Do any of you receive or send out any nail mail or have nail mail buddies?


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