Hello Kitty bling with crystals!

I recently ordered a cheap $2 Hello Kitty iPhone 4S case for my white phone with crystals on it and faux pearls with a Hello Kitty theme, ordered from seller ID: bohotronics.


I already have this cute pink crystal dust plug from Amazon that matches most of my cases.


I also had some Swarovski crystals from a previous order that I’d been storing for a future crafting project or whatever I felt like using them on! So I grabbed some tweezers (for holding them, and to avoid glue on my fingers) and my mini hot glue gun! I glued a single crystal onto my small hearts vinyl decal from Etsy shop threethirtysix available at this link for $3.50. It actually is a decal made up of 4 small hearts but I cut them and separated them into 4 heart stickers and they go on and remove easily. In fact, it’s on top of my screen protector, and I’ve already changed screen protectors and removed/placed it onto the new one and it looks like new! I think the crystal gives it a fun extra pop to stand out.


Next I glued on pink and clear iridescent crystals in the shape of a flower onto the home button. With the hot glue gun I tested it out and it removes from the phone’s surface easily and without any damage to the phone.


Finally, I added a few onto the case itself, Hello Kitty was missing her eyes and nose and it kind of bothered me! So I applied her eyes and made a triangle shaped nose out of the clear iridescent crystals. I also added a crystal “earring” to the left ear. At least she has a face now!

I apologize I completely forgot to take a photo of the before but here is the photo from the listing website.


I am very happy with the turnout and working with a hot glue gun was easy with the help of tweezers on the small crystals!


I also added a few crystals to my Nintendo 3DS…


…and it’s Hello Kitty carrying case!


I’d love to hear about any DIY projects you’ve been doing! Here’s my final iPhone bling project! 🙂


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