Glitter Guilty Pleasures Box! September 2013.

I was browsing online and found this fun nail blog Varnished Reputation, that posted about the Glitter Guilty Pleasures box subscription (in this post) that is only $15 a month, free shipping. You get:
-1 Full size lacquer, that is custom picked to colors you like. You can fill out colors you love and hate, and she will pick accordingly.
-1 monthly mini polish that is included in all Monthly Me boxes.
-1 or 2 extra’s. Anything from chocolate to candy or other goodies from local small business’.
-A few boxes each month also contain a “Golden Ticket” which can be redeemed for some fun surprises.

I also like that they ship from the 1st-5th of the month so you get your polishes at the beginning of the month! The date you sign up will be your monthly billing date. Shipping is included in the $15/month price! Her polishes are also 3 free, so I’m doing my nails some good!

The website Glitter Guilty is also a website selling handmade polishes for those not ready to commit monthly! This star glitter polish is gorgeous and tempting!

Photo above from

On to my first box!! So exciting!!! 😃 I love that she labels the box with her own unique pink Glitter Guilty sticker so I know what is in the box, and run from the mailbox to my office and unwrap while taking photos! The theme is football season, and the monthly mini is inspired by her favorite football team. I’m not into football so I’m not sure what team it is?


The first thing on top was a little note about the theme, which makes it really like my other box subscriptions which was a very nice touch. She even included a personalized gift from Little Embellishment’s Etsy shop.

A bottle cap magnet that says “Keep Calm and Paint Your Nails”! I love it! It’s already on my fridge, and my husband thought it was cute. 😃


The monthly mini polish is called Tight End, and is a fun tinted blue polish with small white hex, metallic aqua blue hex, metallic aqua micro glitter, and is opaque with two coats. I’ve got to say, I love her personalized tags that she ties to the polishes with ribbon, it really feels like she put a lot of time to make this feel like an amazing gift. For my first Indie polish subscription box I have to say I am extremely impressed!

I loove it, and photos of my mani will be at the end of this post!

Next is the monthly me polish based off my color likes and dislikes I listed in my profile. Based off what I put, she sent me Heartbreaker, I was so excited to get this because it’s like a heart version of the star polish I posted a photo of at the beginning of this post. She was really spot on! She also wrapped it in a cute linen-style drawstring bag. This polish is so beautiful I had to remove my current mani and start a new one ASAP!


Here is my mani using Heartbreaker as the main polish, it is opaque with two coats and gooorgeous!

I used Tight End for the accent nail and did a different accent nail for each hand, I decided to change things up a bit!

I also used Sally Beauty Supply polishes I posted a previous post on, 2 coats Yellow Stopper and 1 coat Bridge the Ridge ridge filling base coat so that after a few days I can pop/peel this mani off with no glitter difficult removal! 🙂 Now I love all the glitter polishes with this new technique! Bring it on! haha

To say that I was thrilled about this box would be an understatement. I wasn’t sure what to expect with my first indie nail polish box sub, but I can definitely say I am a loyal subscriber! I can’t wait to see what will be in next month’s box and she wrote that with summer ending she will start sending chocolates, which is always nice!


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