Alicia Silverstone for Juice Beauty

Enjoy a double post today! I didn’t want to make the post too long so I made two for today!

I have decided for skincare, that only Juice Beauty products will touch my skin since it is so sensitive and this brand has never given me issues before. I normally use the Nourishing Moisturizer but recently started only using it in the evening since it is a thicker formula. So I was in need of a day time moisturizer and face wash. I’d been using up the remaining of my organic and natural samples from my box subscriptions (I’m still trying to use them all up!).

I redeemed a deal on Birchbox where you buy any Juice Beauty product $20+ and get a free Juice Beauty lip gloss in either Fig or Pink. I’ve already received Pink in my Ipsy bag so I’m open to either color. On top of that, they also offered free shipping on Juice Beauty products so I placed two separate orders, redeeming 100 birchbox points on the Simply Nourishing Moisturizer (normally $36) discounting it $10.


The price for the Simply Pure Chamomile Cleanser was $22.


I ended up getting the Fig lip gloss with both orders which is fine with me, it’s a gorgeous natural shimmer shade.


The cleanser only needs one pump and a small amount comes out. It foams up nicely and works great with my Clarisonic. There were some negative reviews online about the scent but I actually find the chamomile scent comforting and the formula works great on my skin. The moisturizer is also a wonderful day time formula, it isn’t too watery or too thick. It also has a light scent, and the fact that it’s made of organic fruit juices and ingredients is very comforting and I’m able to trust the brand without a doubt. It has been clearing my skin up from minor breakouts I’d been getting from the over moisturization not needed in the day time from the Nourishing Moisturizer but it still works great at night and overnight for me.


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