Love True Natural Translucent Powder and Orange Gloss

This weekend I have two quick posts! 😃 Here’s the first!

From my True Beauty Box’s website at I placed a little order from their promotional email offer I received. It was also my first order with them outside of my monthly True Beauty Box. The offer is for a two for one deal on their Lavera Mattifying Mineral Finish translucent powder, all natural, naturally! Promo code “STAYMATTE”.


So I ordered two of them and it comes with a cute puff applicator!


I also found a clearance 2 pack of Lavera lip glosses in No. 5 orange for $2.40. It has organic Jojoba oil and Vitamin E too, the natural berry aromas are pretty appealing too. 🙂 The swatch below shows it’s a nice natural orange that doesn’t shock or even look orange when worn, it’s a nice light shimmer and very creamy on.


Expiration dates 10/2012 but supposedly they are good for at least 6 months past the shelf date which would be April but they wouldn’t sell it if it was dangerous. Plus, I’ve used expired lip glosses before with no issues, and it’ll be brand new items. Most likely the UV protection will no longer work past the expiration date but that’s okay with me. Website photo below.


My total was $29.90 for what would have cost $50 without the promo code. Technically more, if the lip gloss set wasn’t on clearance.


Not a bad deal right? I figure this is a good investment since I haven’t really been wearing any concealer, or BB cream anymore since my face skin has been so sensitive since moving here to Nebraska. This will be a good way to keep any shine that accumulates through the day at a minimal with no harsh chemicals to break me out or irritate my skin.



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