CoCo Lacquer Polish and Mani’s!

I recently stumbled upon a new handmade polish maker, Victoria Adams, on Etsy, her shop name is CoCo Lacquer and she is the one who designed the Tiffany Blue polish I received in my Eco-Emi box. I purchased the full size Tiffany Blue $6 and her Pink Lovers Collection (Valentine’s Limited Edition) $10, a collection of mini pinks and two are glitter!

She was kind enough to send me complimentary mini’s of her Milky base coat, Matte Suede top coat, and Jelly top coat.

I tried out most of the colors on the first day lol. For this mani I painted my nails with Sable a lovely light pastel creamy pink. For the accent nail I Peony a strawberry pastel. For the pointer finger I first applied Pink Party with silver, pink, and holographic multi shape glitter, then Hot Bling over that in a gradient style. Hot Bling is a hot pink/fuschia multi shaped glitter full of color.


I used the milky base coat and matte suede top coat on all nails but the pointer finger for the sake of trying out the jelly top coat on that nail. I had to know how they all work! The base coat is actually not too milky or cloudy even though it looks like it will be much more so, just by looking at the bottle. The matte suede top coat is a favorite of mine, I loved it so much I purchased the full size for $6 already. The jelly top coat is also a fabulous shiny top coat that gives off the shine of a gel polish without the hassle removal process I’ve been told about. The only reason I didn’t order the full size was because I have a ton of top coats to go through and finish up but don’t have any matte top coats and love the finish!

I do recommend her polishes but highly suggest the full size versions over the mini’s, the brush on the mini’s on most of mine were slightly bent. I had to hold the brush a certain way so application wouldn’t be difficult and I could finish applying each nail before the polish dried on me. A plus, the polishes dry pretty darn quick making dry time require less patience from me!

I also created another mani with Tiffany Blue as the accent nail and Nailtini’s Mai Tai for the others.

I applied Matte Suede top coat on all but the pointer finger, for that I used the Jelly top coat. I’m telling you I’m addicted to this matte effect on my nails lol. I also used some Hello Kitty Half Moon decals from Sephora, which was pretty neat. I think I might’ve applied the two top coats too closely together on the ring finger without letting it dry in between coats, because there was a bit of bubbling.

I had fun making a matching pedi 😃.


I also did some nail polish color swatches with some $2 ebay stickers instead of Juleps pricey labels that only include several. I actually like these round stickers much better!


Got any good organization tips for your polishes? I’d love to hear them, I could always use any tips or suggestions!


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