A couple mani/pedi’s, a glossy gift, and fun times!

My girl friend wanted to come over to do our nails together so I thought it’d be a fun time! She brought her polishes over and I shared mine so we had a huge selection to choose from! We chose from the other’s to mix it up a bit, including out Sephora Hello Kitty nail decals! So for the nails I did with her polishes, I apologize but I didn’t take photo of them or get the names so I’m just sharing the photo of them!

Here is what I made with her polishes and decals, some were my decals but all Hello Kitty!


These started chipping after a few days so I removed them, but decided to do another with some of my unused Julep polishes. I used colors Joanna and Karen.


Essie’s grow stronger base coat, and Beauty Secrets top coat from Sally’s Beauty Supply store.


For accent nails, these adorable Sephora exclusive Hello Kitty nail decals! I removed/applied them with tweezers, it’s much easier than using your nails!


I kept it pretty simple with one coat of each color and focused mainly on the Hello Kitty stickers. Below is my finished look!


I was also happy to get this surprise gift from a friend it was all wrapped up pretty and everything!


A Mary Kay gift since I haven’t been feeling well. 😃 It’s their Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Celebrate, a limited edition lip gloss, a twist of two lip gloss shades that give lips a peachy-pink creamy finish. I love it! It looks like a gold shimmer swirl and nude peachy-pink to me but applies the perfect shade.


There were also two lipstick samples inside.


Of course a catalog.


The featured limited edition gloss was in it. 😃


I enjoyed my gift and it really moisturized my lips well with the perfect amount of color to go with anything. This is what it looks like on.


A fun gift indeed for my lip product obsession!


Until next time, have fun being creative!


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