Hammock Pack Hot Air Balloon Ride August 2013

I’m a little behind on a few box reviews so I’m posting this one as an extra for today!

Augusts theme for Hammock Pack is Hot Air Balloon Ride. I’ve never been on one and am afraid of heights but would love to at least try it out one day!


The insert introduction reads “Take to the sky on this month’s getaway! Enjoy the beautiful views as you relax with a peaceful ride through the clouds. All your worries will look small as you glide high above the trees. We’ve packed you healthy snacks to enjoy while you float away. No need to even worry about your hair because we’ve got you covered with cute accessories. After you land, we hope you’re excited for next month’s doorstep getaway.” I always love these intro’s, they help get you in the mindset for going through and opening each gift wrapped item! I’ll be quoting each item description because they made it so fun to read I have to share!

Back of insert.


I didn’t take a photo of everything inside the box because it looked pretty empty but I’m sure they are all of great value and didn’t want it to look so sad in photos lol. So first up is this fun and cute set of 4 polka dot Bobby Pins from Jane Tran. “As you glide through the air, keep your hair out of the wind with these cute bobby pins. Jane Tran’s unique accessories are not only durable but also available in many different adorable designs.

I truly love the fabric with “Jane Tran” sewn on in case I want to order more or forget who the designer is, since the bobby pins aren’t stamped or labeled. They hold my thick hair really well and stay in place, so these are my new go to bobby pins while I grow my bangs out! I cut them a little too short lol.

I’m kind of getting an over-growing collection of these TwistBand Hair Ties but at least I won’t run out. They do start crinkling after being worn a few times so it’s nice to have some back up new ones. They came in navy, aqua, and neon green. “Perfect for a ride through the clouds, these colorful hair ties will keep your ponytail in place without snagging.”


I ate this Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie in Dark Chocolate Flax flavor already, it was very hearty, tasty and a nice treat with the dark chocolate chips. It held me over till my next meal and is super healthy! “Watch the sunrise while you enjoy breakfast in the air. These cookies are not only sweet and satisfying but healthy too.”


This spa item was an exciting thing to open up, Deep Steep Hand cream in Grapefruit – Bergamot smells divine and moisturizes my hands perfectly leaving them smooth as butter after! “Keep your hands moisturized at high altitudes with these lovely creams. The Shea Butter and Olive Oil mixture will leave your skin smooth and soft.” The packaging has a spa/boutique design and feel to it. It’s so cute I think I’m going to keep it in my purse to keep near!


I’ve tried these Olomomo Nuts by Chai Bliss Almonds in another box subscription and loved them so I was glad to get another snack size sample! “These spiced kettle-roasted almonds make the perfect on-the-go snack They’re also natural, organic, and help promote sustainability and fair trade.”


Even though the box wasn’t filled up as much as it normally is, these smaller items proved to be just as great as the other goodies I’ve received in my Hammock Packs! The Deep Steep hand cream is a treasure in itself, so are the bobbie pins! 🙂



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