Eco Emi August 2013 Picnic box

Eco Emi chose a picnic theme for their box this month, and who doesn’t love picnics? I know I do! Especially backyard picnics with my hubby and Bubba 😃. Here is the cute insert.

Insert back.


This natural, lightweight body lotion has a beautiful scent. Carrot, Grapefruit & Egyptian Geranium Rose Body Lotion by Valenti Organics. Full size $21 8 oz. This lotion will “repair, rejuvenate, hydrate, moisturize and soften your skin. Packed full of powerful anti-oxidants, and vitamins!”


I can’t wait to try this Cafe Machiatto Body Oil by Valenti Organics also. I love anything coffee scented although I’m not a huge coffee drinker because I can’t handle all the caffeine but I looove the scent! Full size $21 4 oz. “Repair damaged skin with this energizing, anti-aging body oil infused with organically grown coffee extract & vanilla essential oils blended in a rich formula. This body oil smells so cozy and amazing and the caffeine will help wake up your skin!”


I am always in need of natural soap like this Natural Lemongrass Soap with French Yellow Clay by Craftsmansoap, full size $6.50. “Known for it’s cleansing properties, French yellow clay gently lifts oil and impurities while leaving skin feeling refreshed! This is a great soap for your face and is infused with lemongrass so it smells delicious and is perfect for all skin types.”


Edible Green Tea by Eat Green Tea, full size $25 (approx. 100 grams). This is something new to me, edible green tea that you can sprinkle on food or drinks. “…eating your green tea leaves has 10,000 times more powerful antioxidants then drinking green tea!” It can also be added to sandwiches, salads or (suggested) paired with the walnut butter shown next. The Edible Green Tea was also the first of a few snacks in this re-giftable paper bag.



Raw Organic Walnut Butter by Artisana, full size $11.33 8 oz. “Raw walnut butter is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and also a great way to add protein to your diet. Great snack for on the go…Perfect on toast, crackers, and is great for baking or just squeeze and eat alone!”


I’ve tried these Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies by Home Free Treat before and they are great for gluten free cookies! $1.49/bag.


A nice surprise that was very random and outside of what we normally get, some Wooden Spoons (you normally can pick your color) by Bakers Confections $12.49 for a set of 18. The “adorable Eco Friendly spoons are the perfect alternative to plastic utensils. They work great as a sundae spoon and make a nice touch to any party tray”. I plan on using them to scoop a dry product like dry or powder masks that are needed to mix with water so these spoons will last a little longer. I am guessing they are good for one use since they’re made of thin wood and feel like they wouldn’t last long used as utensils.


I think this Natural Eye Shadow in Run Metal by Gourmet Body Treats will make a good liner shadow both dry and dipped with a drop or two of water as a wet liner. Full size $18.99/.23 oz. “It’s great for sensitive skin or for contact lens wearers. Pure concentrated color is waterproof and won’t wear off so you can look fabulous and be worry free in the warm weather.”


I am loving this Tiffany Color Nail Polish by Coco Laquer, full size $6. It is supposed to be, well, what other than Tiffany Co.’s famous blue shade and “is soft and chic. The perfect shade for the end of summer”. It’s hard to believe the end of summer is coming already when it feels like summer just got here!

It really is a lovely shade so I had to try it out. I created a mani with these polishes and the Tiffany polish.

I used the Salon Perfect polishes to paint the Hello Kitty and HK on the accent nail, and the dotting tool for the mini hearts!

My brush was a little bent making it difficult to paint the polish on and dries very quickly so I had to paint quickly which made it even more troublesome. Because of the brush issues I had to apply two coats to make it smooth but the turnout was nice. It’s a great color and at least it dries fast. It would probably apply better in a full size bottle I would hope.

I did get in contact with Victoria Adams from CoCo Lacquer and she was very kind and helpful with my questions. I had asked about the bent brush, how many applications it took for me to get a smooth application, and if that’s normal for her polishes. She said no, it should take one coat, and actually offered me free shipping on the full size I was interested in. I received Tiffany Blue (she sent out Tiffany Blue and Tiffany Teal to Eco Emi). Full size is $6.50, shipping $2 which was waived so I can try how it really works. She claims one coat is all I need which sounds be great! She is very sweet and even wished me a early Happy Birthday and complimented my mani. She had asked for a photo to know which Tiffany shade I wanted. So without hesitation I recommend checking out her Etsy shop, she has some real cute sets, names, and affordable pricing for handmade polishes. I especially like the Pink Lovers Valentines Mini Collection for $10! Photo below from her Etsy shop. I actually added this lovely set on to my order, thanks again Victoria!


I enjoyed this box as always, they actually seem to be getting even better with each box which is a great surprise! Are any of you subscribed to Eco Emi? If so I’d love to hear if you got the same items or anything different and how you liked everything. 😃



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