Naked Wines $40 Credit

Yesterday I wrote about my $50 voucher redemption at Naked Wines website, and the case of wines I chose. Today I wanted to share about their generosity after that. After declining to sign up and become a member at $40/month after my purchase, they promptly emailed me an apology for pushing me to be a member and that they credited my account with an instantly available $40 credit to purchase wines until I decide or consider becoming a member. I thought that was pretty generous and did purchase more wines.

I picked out 6 bottles of DaDaDa… Chardonnay. It is a recommended light summer drink for those who like to spontaneously have a glass in the day which sounds perfect. Below is a snap shot from their website of the wine. It is regularly priced at $12.49 a bottle, with an Angel price of $7.49 a bottle.


The total was a mere $15.97, most of it was the $9.99 shipping and $1.04 sales tax. Otherwise I only paid $4.94 for SIX bottles of Chardonnay wine! That’s pretty amazing so I did it lol. Check out my screen shot at checkout, I can’t believe it myself! Doing pretty good on building my wine collection back up. 😃


If you receive one of the $50 vouchers for Naked Wines I highly recommend using it and not tossing it out. At first glancing at the card I assumed it would be one of those deals where you have to fork up close to $50 to get the $50 off but it was not the case. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you have a fun weekend!


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