Whimseybox Stenciled Lavender Sachets April 2013

Our April boxes came really late to all subscribers, they had some issues with shipment and their warehouse but have apparently fixed it and shouldn’t have this issue for future boxes. I didn’t mind the wait since I was still getting my other boxes on time at least. They were also very good with communicating updates and what was going on with our held boxes for April which made it all that much easier to be patient!

The theme for this month’s craft is Stenciled Lavender Sachets for April from Whimseybox.

With a lovely art print on the back as usual.

The art is Spring Flowers and reads “This month we combined the background ‘the hanging garden’ by colourlovers.com users mavey and Fugitive color with one of our favorite quotes from Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.”

I enjoyed opening my outer box to reveal this reusable craft box from Whimseybox filled with everything I need for my craft!


This month’s box had a velcro closure and a really nice durable feel to the box!


Included were three sachet bags, one large sachet holding lavender to fill the sachets with, a full alphabet and symbols stencil kit, neon pink paint (fun!), a sponge paintbrush, and a measuring tape. Which I didn’t need or use, but will keep for future use?


I also painted on the large sachet…and here is my finished results!



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