Little Black Bag – Hello Kitty!!

As promised I am going over my second gift to myself of another bag from Little Black Bag. This time I chose a wallet, of course, to go with my Nila Anthony Blush lace barrel satchel! I am kind of OCD about matching wallets and bags. Normally I always get the same brand’s matching items but they didn’t have a matching wallet on the website surprisingly, but I am a fanatic of Hello Kitty and Sanrio products, especially Little Twin Stars but they’re a little harder to find items for than Hello Kitty. Anywho, I adore this White patent embossed wallet with none other than the cute Hello Kitty character on it!

This time I did the bundle deal where I get 2 surprise items added into my bag for $29.95 plus the $5.95 shipping. The items added originally in my bag were the Robert Rose gold alligator earrings, and Dye Ties bundle of 3 bright headbands. I traded the alligator earrings (pictured below in bottom right section) for the Carol Dauplaise Geometric drop earrings pictured below on the upper left section.

I love the white wallet because it’ll match with pretty much any purse I own and eventually I want to get a Hello Kitty purse when I find the right one, so this will go with it most likely! For now I’ll be pairing it with the blush pink Nila Anthony purse I got and wrote about on Friday but here’s a photo of it below in case you forgot!

As always, I’ll be sure to post photos of everything once I get it in person! Thanks again for reading as always1 😃


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