Goodies Co July 2013

This month I got a Goodies Co box and it was smaller than the debut box but still had some good stuff.

The insert is nice, a watercolor-like card.

Also on the back, letting us know they are trying to go as green as possible, which is respectable.


This was the box’s contents.


Gimbals Cherry Lovers Fruit Chews, made with real cherry juice was what caught my eye first. I love the fun heart shapes!


Glaceau Fruit Water in Orange Mango.


Cosmos Creations Cinnamon Crunch Baked Corn. Sounds like a yummy movie snack!


Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers with Sea Salt. I’m thinking of saving these for hummus or a hearty dip.


The Better Chip jalapenos with salt. Yum!


A pretty tasty box overall! Thanks so much for reading! 🙂

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