Poppy Parcel July 2013

This month my July box was free from Poppy Parcel for being a previous Love Club subscriber. It was definitely an improvement, in my opinion, from the last debut box. 🙂 Let’s unwrap!


They put coupons in the envelope of the inner lid as well as the items list.

I was super excited to see something from Just Lovely Things from the Love Club!!

Here’s what the box looked like upon opening. Another pillow box that I can save for re-gifting later! Love the pink crinkle paper, I saved it in a ziplock with last month’s pink crinkle paper of course!


Also I had entered a giveaway on Facebook for some Geometric Letterpressed Coasters but was never aware of who won, but was super surprised to find them in my box with a note letting me know I was the winner! Strange I wasn’t contacted about it via email or Facebook but no complaints here! They are made by OneCanoeTwo.


They’re really cute! They’re decorating my vanity stand right now, I’ll upload a picture further into this post. There is another item from my box in the picture and I don’t want to reveal a spoiler just yet!

Inside the pillow box was a Baggu bag in bright pink!! 😃 It’s a smaller version of the blue one I received in my Hammock Pack. I love how durable and light weight these bags are, they fold into the little holder that is pictured below and are a fun reusable bag.


Some macaron stationary samples and notepad from Pear Tree.



Saving the best for last, the Just Lovely item!! This adorable headband that is going to be my go to headband from now on! It’s incredibly comfortable with how stretchy it is, it feels almost like luxurious pantyhose material.


Amazing box from Poppy Parcel this month, I really loved it and the prize coasters I won too! As promised here is a photo of my vanity set up with the Poppy Parcel items on display.



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