Whimseybox DIY Dyed Tote Bag July 2013

Whimseybox box came in a little late towards the end of the month, but it came just in time! I had a lot of fun making it too. The theme was DIY Dyed Tote Bag and they included everything you need to make this plus a bonus craft.


The insert says “This month’s project has endless possibilities. Tie dye, dip dye, splatter, paint of spray! Below are instructions to make the tote as shown left. For more detailed instructions, inspiration, techniques, troubleshooting, visit whimseybox.com/dyeallthethings.”


There was also a neat art print on the back, which they usually do with the inserts.


The box was wrapped all neatly and nice inside.


They included Kelly Green and Tangerine dye boxes, two squeeze containers, a bunch of rubberbands, the sticker to label the box, gloves, and a tote.



The tote is linen colored and good sized, very cute!


They also included a bonus bag of Practice Paper Piecing. “It’s a century old method of making pieces for quilting from Paper Pieces.


I’m personally not a huge fan of messy crafts that include dye, or tie dye items but I was intrigued by the paper piecing bonus and the pretty fabric pieces that were included to make a flower. I chose to make mine a little different than suggested and paired the crafts together. So I started gluing the fabric to the paper pieces, and with the spare piece of paper I cut it into the shape of a leaf.

I also enjoyed a glass of wine while the guys hung out in the garage outside, had my Hawaiian radio playing and was having a me a nice relaxing craft day/evening!

I used liquid clear glue to glue the fabric on to the fronts of the paper.


I then used a hot glue gun to glue the rest of the fabric on to the backs so they are secure.


Once the glue was dried, I used the hot glue gun to glue the pieces on to the tote in the flower shape along with the leaf on the side. I also had some heart and stars confetti that I also applied on with the hot glue gun. For the stars I used small glue dots since they’re iridescent I didn’t want a clump of glue showing through. I then used diamond confetti for the stem, and sealed it with a red kiss confetti piece at the bottom of the stem!

Below is a close up so you can see the detailing a bit better!


It took me a good few hours to finish but it was relaxing and I also took my time with it! Nice way to start the evening off, in my opinion! I hope you enjoyed this and appreciate you taking the time to read! 🙂


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