Hammock Pack GIrl’s Night Out July 2013

Hammock Pack’s theme this month was “Girl’s Night Out”. Anything in quotations is from the insert in my box!

A photo of the insert.

The first glance is always fun trying to figure out what’s inside, upon opening!

The insert note reads “Sometimes the perfect escape includes your best girlfriends and a night out on the town. Leave your worries at home and enjoy a good time with your favorite women. Share a unique mixed drink, energize with ballet-inspired treats, and indulge beauty products that’ll leave you feeling lovely. After your night out with the girls, we hope you’re excited for next month’s doorstep getaway. Enjoy! Erin” That’s just as good as a spa themed box!

I’m super excited to try this Wine-A-Rita CosmoRita drink mixer. “Before hitting the city, enjoy a glass of CosmoRita. A twist on a classic city drink, this mix goes great with your favorite white wine. (Pick out a bottle using your $50 wine card from nakedwines.com)

As soon as I’m better and off Benadryl I will be bringing this lovely drink out for me and my girlfriends!

For my next spa day I plan on using this MaskerAide All Nighter Mask! “After a long night out, your face will need some TLC. These masks will leave your face looking refreshed and rested.”


For a pick me up snack, this Energy Bar from Barre will be my go to, I received the pirouette cinnamon pecan flavor. “Developed by two professional ballerinas, these natural, ballet-inspired bars will keep your energy up as you dance the night away.”


This product was a very nice surprise from Giovanni Cosmetics and generously filled full size product! Shaving Cream, hurray! 😃 I can always use some of this lol. I received Tea Tree & Mint, scents that I love! “Prep for your night out with this moisturizing shave cream. The three different varieties will leave your skin smooth and rejuvenated.” I love that it’s a moisturizing shave cream so it’s a 2-in-1 product really!


Last but not least, an edible treat to keep in my purse, Pink Dragonfruit Mints from Sencha Naturals in a cute little container! “Stay fresh with these eco-friendly green tea mints in a dragonfruit flavor. They not only benefit your health but the environment as well.” I like that they are naturally sugar free and caffeine free too, so I won’t have to worry about not being able to sleep after having some!

The bottom works as a dispenser and the mints are in cute pink leaf shapes!


This was a really great box from Hammock Pack and I loved every single item!



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