Edible Arrangements gift from hubby!

For our anniversary, as an early gift, my husband got me my first ever Edible Arrangements and I got to pick out the Hello Kitty large bouquet, because I am a huge Hello Kitty/Sanrio fan! I picked it because it’s the only vase I liked out of all of them, and was super excited to discover they even have a Hello Kitty bouquet! The pineapple pieces are even exclusively Hello Kitty shaped!! I’m in Hello Kitty heaven lol. This is the websites photo of the bouquet so you can see why I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!


I came downstairs to this!!


Below is the actual bouquet I received!


He also got me the cute Daisy teddy bear holding an Edible Arrangements daisy pop!! Gah!! It will forever remind me of my sweet delicious Hello Kitty Edible bouquet from him.

I put the Hello Kitty decor and note on the bear because it’s too cute to hide or toss!

The Hello Kitty vase is going to decorate either my nightstand or vanity, I haven’t decided which spot yet!

The back has a cute bucket style handle!


The Hello Kitty pineapple and they dipped one in chocolate for free. 😃 that was kind of them!


Such a wonderful surprise, thank you so much baby! ❤

Happy Anniversary my love!


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