Anniversary Mani/Pedi!

I decided to do my nails on Friday for our anniversary weekend. Our anniversary is actually on July 30 but it falls on a Tuesday so we decided to celebrate it early this past weekend and again next weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚ Any reason to celebrate, we take advantage of lol, we’re still kids at heart.

The polishes I used are below. Cassie the light ballet pink is on all the nails, two coats. Lauren, the bright pink, for the hearts, and Adele was applied over the index nails before painting the hearts on.


Here is the finished mani…

…and pedi!


I used a dotting tool to create the hearts and connected the two dots at the bottom point of the heart. I also had some Hello Kitty bow gems from Sephora that I used on the ring nails as an accent. It’s a pretty simple and fun mani for any of you heart or Hello Kitty lovers out there!



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