Little Black Bag – lace purse

I decided to treat myself to a Little Black Bag gift to myself since I’ve been so good when it comes to spending. I actually purchased two “bags” but will go over the next bag on Monday’s post! So be sure to keep an eye out for that, it’ll be a cute one I promise! So, upon entering their giveaway on the website I saw this real cute baby pink Nila Anthony lace handbag. It doubles as a shoulder bag with a removable strap or as a handbag with the handles, I LOVE bags that can be worn both ways since I get bored easily or sometimes my shoulder gets tired of having a bag on it if I’m out for a long period of time. On to the bag photo though, this is my bag I chose…

I am also a huge fan of lace, I mean what girl doesn’t love the feminine beauty lace brings to the table? That paired with baby pink, I couldn’t resist. I chose to get just the single item for $33.95 since I don’t need any fashion jewelry at the moment, plus shipping at $5.95 I believe. So since I ordered the single item only, no surprise items were added in my bag which I am okay with since I didn’t have to pay the normal $49.95 bundle price. I like the new option they offer now with buying the single item or bundling and saving for added surprise accessories and gifts. I played around and tried the bundle and it was two surprise jewelry items which you reveal at checkout after paying. Since it was in the jewelry category I passed since I have so much as it is.

As soon as it arrives I’ll be sure to take a photo of it for you to see! 😃 Thanks so much for reading and I hope you all have a nice weekend!


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