Mint cloud mani

I just wanted to share a fun nail mani I had created a while back and didn’t see a previous post where I’d shared it! I created my own cloud decals with nail polish, then added bar glitter polish under it to create a rainy cloud effect!

I’ve gone over how to make your own nail decals using nail polish and tape. Simply paint a good sized dot of polish on the tape and use a toothpick or dotting tool to shape your design, let it fully dry. Then lift the tape and the edges should curl up making it easy to use your nails or tweezers to lift and hold it. Next place it on your dry manicure and position where you’d like it to go, then apply one or two top coats and you’ve got custom nail decals that only you have!

Once you have this knowledge you can make any design you like from suns, to hearts, starts, etc! I’d love to hear about any cool decals you’ve created!


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