Birchbox Points Purchase

I had enough Birchbox points to redeem up to $20 worth of product and decided I liked the LAQA & Co. chubby lip pencils a lot from my last box so I purchased a full size one!

I chose Fairyblood a shimmer sheer coral pink shade with shimmers of glowing gold in it. It’s gorgeous!

After shipping this pencil only cost me $3 since part of my credit was applied to the shipping. I’m very happy with my purchase decision!


4 thoughts on “Birchbox Points Purchase

    • Ya I love the points system, overall I enjoy it enough to keep it at only $10/mo. 😃 Glossybox was almost always a disappointment at the price. I think I loved like one, maybe two boxes.

      • That’s good to know about Glossybox. I really enjoyed Juleps last months box, I LOVE my Ipsy glambags too! The bags are getting cuter each time. My best friend here signed up for Ipsy and Julep and loves them too.

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