True Beauty Box June 2013

As always it’s that fun time for the True Beauty Box with all natural beauty, full size products!

We were supposed to have received a surprise in our box from this organic clothing company I can’t remember and hadn’t heard of, but there was a mix up with my box yet again and I was sent out a new one quickly buuuut I never had any surprise in my box so I was kind of disappointed. I emailed them and haven’t heard anything back yet and it’s been a few days. Oh well. ;/

The theme for this month’s box was “Be free…Naturally this Summer!”


On the back of the insert they listed all the products for all 3 different beauty profiles along with the prices. It also has a brief description with each!


Here is an overview of this month’s box I received.


My box is the Flirt box with mostly always make up only. Inside the flirt box I received a Benecos lipstick valued at $14, “The pure mineral lipsticks offer brilliant color & natural moisture with vitamin E.” I received the shade Pink Honey. Oddly there was a “tester” sticker on the tube, it doesn’t look used but this still has me worried and made me feel like I was sent a box of leftovers or something. I was pretty disappointed this month.


Next I received a matching lip liner which matches the lipstick perfectly, the shade is called Brown and is the exact same color as the lipstick which is nice. Value is $9, “Add definition to lips with a smooth formula that glides on effortlessly! Choose your shade, that is closest to your natural lip color for best results.” It’s pretty close to my lip color and doesn’t really look too brown, it has pink hues in it like the lipstick.


I also received a Benecos Nail polish in Wild Orchid, a lovely floral berry shade, price $13. “Ditch the nasty chemicals with Benecos nail polish! The 5 free – Formaldehyde Toluene, Camphor, Phthalates, Colophony – formula. Provides long-lasting performance and vibrant colors!”


Last was a True Natural Sport Stick for face and body valued at $15. “This high performance sunscreen is the perfect companion for all your sports/outdoor activities. This easy & non whitening sport stick SPF 30 is pocket – perfect.”


I’m kind of curious what the surprise was supposed to be, or if it was just an insert with a coupon code for the organic clothing but either way I was real disappointed to not have one in my box after all the advertisement on their end through Facebook. However, the other products I will use, and maybe wipe off the top of the lipstick just in case. Love the nail color! Thanks so much for viewing this and sharing this box with me! 🙂


2 thoughts on “True Beauty Box June 2013

  1. I would have been so freaked out if they sent me a product labeled Tester! WTF? lol. Sorry you were disappointed with your box. You win some you lose some, I guess. :/

    • They responded and sent me a new replacement along with a few free goodies so it all worked out and I’m always happy with them either way! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. 😃 I was freaked out at first though lol.

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