Simple eye make up for puffy eyes

If you have puffy eyes like me, then this eye look will come in handy and has been my go to on days I don’t feel like doing detailed make up! You’ll need a highlighter powder or pencil, brown and black eyeshadow, a gel eyeliner with flat edged liner brush, and some mascara of your choice.

I used my Benecos blush in Sassy Salmon, Jouer Cosmetics concealer, Juice Beauty finishing powder in Sand, Urban Decay primer potion in original, Chella highlighting pencil, brown and black eyeshadows from my Stila palette, Mica Beauty gel eyeliner in black, and Pop Beauty mascara in black.

I used a disposable eye applicator to smudge gently and create a better blended look. Start off applying an eye primer on your eye lid and under your eyes. Then line under your eyes and the inner corners with the highlighting pencil, gently smudge it in so it doesn’t look drawn on. Next apply with a thin brush, some brown eyeshadow underneath the highlighter where your puffy line naturally is and blend. Next step is to apply a little black eyeshadow at the lower outer corner of your eyes and blend so it looks natural. With your ring finger pat on your choice of concealer under the brown shadow, carefully not messing it up. Now it’s time to line the eyes! I created a winged eyeliner since that’s always my go to, feel free to do your usual. Last step for your eyes is curling your lashes and applying two coats of mascara! Keep your lip color neutral or a light pink so you don’t take away from the eyes, your eyes should be the focus of this look! Seal your concealer with finishing powder, and you can apply some blush for a glowing look if you like. I used Benecos blush in Sassy Salmon a natural peachy pink.

This was my finished look.


I’d love to hear your personalized spins on this look or any tips you have for puffy eyes!


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