My Cotton Bunny The Nail Spa Bundle June 2013

This month’s My Cotton Bunny theme was The Nail Spa Bundle for June.

Starting off with the tampons (which I totally forgot to take a photo of) and getting those out of the way lol. However, I always get the same Tampax pearl regulars, and this was the 18 count with 2 bonus making it 20 total.

A peek at the box.


The insert.


First up, is the treat! An Original Gourmet Lollipop “fanciful flavors and creative colors, enjoy an early taste of summer.” My flavor is Wild Cherry which is perfect since that’s always my first choice with hard candy flavors!


The gifts were a mini glass nail file, I received orange which I had actually requested on Facebook and was glad to receive. “The fine glass file is gentle on your nails and leaves them feeling extra smooth.”


The next gift were Nail Wraps by Scratch. “Without the need for drying, nail wraps are stylish and convenient. Scratch creates amazing art every month by collaborating with nail artists around the world.” I requested the red honeycomb design and was lucky to receive them!!

It comes with instructions, the nail wraps, a mini file, and cute drawstring bag.

The bonus gift is a set of hair clips from last month’s theme! I was super excited to get the hair clips instead of the claws since I’d have too many if I got them again. I got pink and red, colors I love!


I was slightly disappointed in the treats department in this month’s box but every other month has been great and I will enjoy using the nail wraps so I definitely can’t complain. My husband was wondering why there wasn’t as much as there normally is lol but I explained to him that nail wraps aren’t always cheap! Plus he knows how much I love glass files and have been needing a spare since I only have one. Overall, great box and loved the hair clips, thanks My Cotton Bunny!


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